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  • Base Breaker: Some Star Wars fans see this film as a Disney throwing out everything that had been established in previous films (if the ramming maneuver was so effective, why hadn't it ever been used before?) and/or being explicitly anti-male.
  • Character Derailment: Luke Skywalker in the OT was a guy who will risk the galaxy for the possibility of redeeming his father who turned to evil before he was born. Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi will try to murder an infant in their sleep for a prophecy.
  • Idiot Plot: Unlike the other Star Wars films, where the stupidity was isolated to a few scenes; it affects the entire movie.
    • To kick things off, the movie begins with Poe Dameron prank-calling Hux to stall for time. Hux, being an high-ranking officer in the First Order should've immediately sent his fleets TIE Fighters after him instead of just falling for the bait. Instead, Hux only responds after his pride was wounded and the defensive turrets of the Fulminatrix is in Poe's crosshairs. To rub salt into the wound, even Captain Canady points this out since the Fulminatrix is already a high-priority target.
  • The Scrappy: Rose Tico, mainly due to preventing Finn from doing a heroic sacrifice, which would have saved the whole rebellion from the first order.

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