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    Considering how popular the first series was, it's no surprise we should expect the same treatment from Aang's literal Spiritual Successor.

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    1. Like this.
    2. A story about what Bryan Konietzko was doing when the opening for the series leaked, (which wasn't actually true) has made this a joke about getting mad in response to a leak, or just Avatar-related anger in general.
    3. Tenzin is voiced by J. K. Simmons.
    4. After his bad performance as one of the Fire Ferrets and subsequently leaving them (which nearly got them disqualified), the fandom has taken to blaming Hasook for anything bad happening on the show.
    5. In episode three, it's revealed that they lost their parents when Mako was eight years old when a mugger killed them right in front of him. This, of course, led to Mako being declared Batman.
    6. Comparisons to Batman were already being made before Mako's revelation. This and the fact that Amon's backstory is apparently similar to that of Mako and Bolin's cued this saying.
    7. After And The Winner Is..., people immediately began making comparisons between the metalbending chief of police and the wall crawler.
    8. J. Jonah Jameson'll be tongue-kissing Spider-Man before the X-Men catch a little public favor.
    9. A series of panels featuring Amon, in which he tells a (presumably) bad joke, gets no response from the assumed audience, and then generally finishes by saying "Well, I thought it was funny."
    10. It seems that no matter what Bolin does, he will always have horrible things happen to him.
    11. Speaks for itself.
    12. When Bryan Konietzko found out fans leaked episode 4 online, his response was a cat macro with this line and a kitten with a shopped-out face. Koh is an evil spirit from the original series who steals faces.
    13. This happened in episode 5, when Korra and Mako kissed, and Bolin witnessed it by accident.
    14. A random guy calling out Mako's name in episode 5 (only to be ignored) has been christened "Mof", which stands for "Mako's only fan".
    15. A screenshot showed a Spongebob promo laughing while Korra falls back into the Pro-Bending arena.
    16. Mako and Bolin's, Amon's (but as an Unreliable Narrator), and Asami's mother.
    17. After Tahno lost his bending to Amon in a Break the Haughty moment, he later appeared with way worse hair than his old stylized look.
    18. The gif of Asami skidding up in the "Korramobile" or a shot of everyone inside from the preview for episode eight. Sometimes shown with a side character replying to the offer. A reference to the Mean Girls scene: "Get in, loser. We're going shopping."
    19. Similar to the "I hope Rick Santorum... meme".
    20. Before it was released, Bryan said episode 8, easily one of the most intense so far, would be a "doozy"