The Maltese Falcon/YMMV

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    • Adaptation Displacement: Of the novel, as well as two previous film adaptations.
      • The Bogart film is an exceptional adaptation. Virtually the sole difference between novel and movie is that the sex (hetero- and homosexual) is slightly more explicit in the book.
    • Award Snub: Its failure to win Best Picture for 1941 would be understandable, as it was up against no less a cinematic classic than Citizen Kane... Except that one didn't win either.
    • Informed Attractiveness: The characters rave about what a beauty Mary Astor's character was. Judge for yourself.
    • It Was His Sled: The Falcon is a fake.
    • Moment of Awesome: Spade's one upping of the villains. The guy always keeps his cool.
      • Also, when Spade quickly and easily disarms the hotheaded gunman, Wilmer, taking his pistols. He later ridicules Wilmer about it, claiming that "A crippled newsie took them from him. I made him give them back."
    • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Joel Cairo, whose effeminate actions were supposed to creep out a 1940s audience but these days it just labels him as an outsider.
      • The fact that the 1941 film is set during a time when homosexuals were being murdered by the Nazis, and Cairo is clearly a foreigner with an Eastern European accent, makes him even more sympathetic.
    • Vindicated by History