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  • So, Sara was actually an Is from chapter 31 and beyond. Being that, why did Dave/Maxx see it as an Exploding Fairy, if he wasn't in any way connected to Sara's Outback more than Julie's?
    • Isz and fairies are the same thing. It's just that Julie sees them as isz and Sara sees them as fairies. Dave/Maxx, of course, has a tendency to get sucked into other people's outbacks because he can't seem to face his own. It's all about perception.
      • Exploding Fairies explode(well, duh!) if not wet, while Isz don't. Thus, they aren't the same thing. Yes, it's true that their perception was different, as Julie saw an Is(what it actually was), Dave saw a Fairy(and that's the point), and Mark saw a "Football with Feet". But it's also true that, if Sarah was an Exploding Fairy, she'd have popped not much time after chapter 31. The point, thus, is why Dave, being the one with the greater probability of seeing it as what it actually was(after all, he crept into Julie's Outback for a long time), saw it as something very different?
  • Did Keith actually ever explain anything more about Dave's backstory? All we get to know by the end of the series is that he once was trapped in a box and got out by screaming "Mommy", as explained by Gone. But what wast that about? What did he do before becoming a bum and being turned into the Maxx? And do he actually have an Outback of his own?
    • The mystery about his past bugs the hell out of me, too. It is stated at one point that he has his own outback. He is just one of many characters in that comic who avoid their own problems by focusing on trying to fix the problems of others, so he tends to spend a lot more time in other people's outbacks.
      • That's true, though what his Outback may look like was only further explored in the TV series(and it seems to look like a garden of sorts). Still what bugs me most is about his backstory, or what little of it was revealed by the end of the series, and how it really affects the story. The way it was put, it seems it was some weird Retcon Keith pulled to explain that event somewhere around chapter 10...
    • I always sort of figured that the Crappon inna Hat dream sequence was Maxx's outback. The personifications of his problems (All named Dave) seemed like a direct parallel to The Isz from Julie's outback.
  • What's with The Love for Three Oranges? Not much the story as a whole, the Maxx's world is pretty messed up as it is, but... the oranges themselves. What are they doing there? And where they went to? What is the point of that scene?
  • What's with the inconsistent spelling with Sara(h)'s name? Is there some sort of context behind it that I'm missing?