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Basic Trope: A Jerkass military leader hated by his own men.

  • Straight: Lt. Kilroy of A Company earns the scorn of his men for being a stuck-up thug.
  • Exaggerated: Lt. Kilroy of A Company earns the scorn of his men for being a stuck-up thug whose idea of basic training is to drop his men into an actual warzone without much aid!
  • Justified: Lt. Kilroy's the only man qualified, or his placement in A Company is part of a Secret Test of Character by the high brass for the men.
  • Inverted: Lt. Kilroy of A Company is a nice guy, but his men are jerks.
  • Subverted: Lt. Kilroy's actually a tough and fair Sergeant Rock
    • The men are slackers who don't recognize sound discipline when they see it.
  • Double Subverted: ...Who brags constantly about how A Company is going to make him famous.
  • Parodied: Lt. Kilroy is so tough and unfair that the entire A Company is slaughtered on its first mission.
  • Deconstructed: A Company is so sick of Lt. Kilroy and his tactics that they defect to the enemy.
    • The troops hate Lt. Kilroy so much that they shoot him during the middle of a battle, and then blame the enemy.
  • Reconstructed: Only to realize that while Kilroy was bad news, their new leader General Ripper is far worse. They quickly fall back into line with Kilroy.
  • Zig Zagged: Lt. Kilroy switches from tough and fair to just plain tough each day.
  • Averted: Lt. Kilroy is a good guy, no strings attached.
  • Enforced: The Evil Empire teaches its officers to act this way.
  • Lampshaded: "If I ain't that tough maggots, You! Can! Never! Be! Real Men!."
  • Invoked: The military high brass purposefully places Lt. Kilroy, the drunkard, illiterate thug "with an F in public relations" into A Company just to see the fur fly.
  • Defied: Lt. Kilroy is fragged once he makes his Neidermeyer tendencies known; or, he's humbled by the A Company and changes his ways.
  • Discussed: "Does that guy expect to be followed with that attitude?!"
  • Conversed: ???

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