The New Monkees

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In the late 1980s, 1960s made-for-TV pop group The Monkees bounced back from obscurity, thanks to 20-year-old reruns of their classic series being shown on MTV and Nickelodeon. The band re-formed and became more successful than ever, but that didn't stop TV producers from thinking lightning could strike twice, and so, as a quarter of a century before, a search was on for a new group of cute 20-something men (and women as well, according to this video) who could sing and act.

This time around, Larry Stalis, Dino Kovas, Jared Chandler and Marty Ross were chosen. Unlike their 1960s predecessors, these "New" Monkees lived in a large mansion reminiscent of Pee-wee's Playhouse and had most of their adventures there. Also, the New Monkees' sound were nothing like the perky Beatles-esque polished pop of the old Monkees; their music was 1980s pop/soft rock in the vein of Mr. Mister. The New Monkees did not last long and the group was soon forgotten. They did manage to release a single album, though.

Tropes used in The New Monkees include: