The Noob

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The Noob is yet another gaming Web Comic, which sets itself apart from most others by focusing almost entirely on parodying MMORPGs. The story originally revolves around Ohforf'Sake, the Player Character of an Everyman gamer who wanders aimlessly and cluelessly around the world of Clichequest, a brutally stereotypical fantasy MMORPG and gets into and barely survives (or not) all kinds of shenanigans.

As the comic has gone on, the focus has shifted from Ohforf himself to various other characters in the game world, including the Outcasts (a band of Player Killers/Heroic Comedic Sociopaths whose storyline included a pastiche of The Warriors), another, smarter, female newbie called Hypatia, Sir Bob the veteran player, the hapless members of a roleplaying guild and the game developers themselves. The comic spends much of its time mocking MMORPG tropes and the absurdities of the genre, along with the players and developers of such games, but with far too much insight to be truly malicious.

Tropes used in The Noob include:

"The AI in this game is starting to worry me. It's so advanced, it whines."

  1. Sir Bob's "I've seen things you newbies wouldn't believe..." speech
  2. the id-monster
  3. Don Vito, with obligatory "unicorn head in the bed" gag
  4. Cyborella's attempted seduction of Ohforf
  5. the PK guilds chasing the Outcasts - "Outcaaasts! Come out to play-aaay!"