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  • In one episode, Barney tells everyone not to go into Rudy and Snap's room, because they're getting "Oosh-oosh-gooshy" in there.
  • Not to mention literally getting it past the radar on several occasions.
  • And also, planned for a future episode.

Ash: "I'm a Pokemon Trainer! Wanna see my balls?"

  • And Ash was naked for a moment in the Beach Episode. With a censor bar, though. Oh, also jokes about June not having any "talent."
  • Oh, also in a future episode...

Barney about Rudy and Snap: "I don't know why they keep trying. They're both boys, so it won't work! As that smart penguin once said, "That's an anatomical impossibility.""

  • "The censors must be having a field day!"
  • "You know, Nii-chan, we're technically sleeping together..."
  • Gary's middle name is CONFIRMED to be "Mother****ing."
  • "Oosh-oosh-gooshy. Now that I have your attention, vote for James."
    • And James' response: "Barney, I don't want to get oosh-oosh-gooshy with EVERYONE."
  • Multiple scenes in episode 46.
  • "WHAT THE (Nick jingle) IS BARNEY DOING ON THE (Nick jingle) KITCHEN TABLE SURROUNDED BY MY (Nick jingle) BEER BOTTLES?!" she yelled. "AND WHY THE (Nick jingle) ARE THEY ALL (Nick jingle) EMPTY?! AND THAT'S ALL (Nick jingle) 89 (Nick jingle) BOTTLES OF MY (Nick jingle) BEER! BARNEY (Nick jingle) DRANK ALL MY (Nick jingle) BEER! THAT (Nick jingle) (Nick jingle) (Nick jingle) PIECE OF (Nick jingle) (Nick jingle)! (Nick jingle) (Nick jingle) (Nick jingle) (Nick jingle) HIM (Nick jingle) (Nick jingle) STRAIGHT DOWN TO (Nick jingle) (Nick jingle) (Nick jingle)! I'M GOING TO TEAR OFF HIS (Nick jingle) AND SHOVE IT RIGHT UP HIS (Nick jingle) (Nick jingle) (Nick jingle) (Nick jingle) (Nick jingle) (Nick jingle) SO THEN HE HAS TO (Nick jingle) SIDEWAYS!"
  • "And now we're back home, where instead of being a witch, June is-"
  • Much of Rudy and Snap's Hatafutte Parade. Or should I say, Ecchi Parade?
  • Brock presents us with this gem: "June, we can't rig the boobies if you don't have any to start with!"
  • Pachirisu's dream about RM. All we know about it is Pachirisu was enjoying herself, RM was screaming, and the dream was censored.
    • In that vein, Brock and Professor Oak's dreams were also censored, and Ash comments on them being "dirty boys."

RM when RM's Other Friend sticks a metal ruler up his skirt to get back at him for commenting on her height: "KYAAAAAA! MY BUTT! DON'T SEVER MY POKEBALLS! I GIVE, I GIVE! HELP!"

  • When June is sick, she asks Ash to get her booze. Guess what he hears?
  • "Let's have another!"
  • This exchange:

May: "And on top of that, we're still on, what, first base? I mean, when was the last time you touched my talent?"
RM: "Uh... never?"
May: "Exactly!"
RM: "Hm... Okay, I'll grab your talent and then you slap me and grab my Metapod."
May: "It's not exciting if you tell me that you're going to do it!"

  • Sqirt gets away with a fair amount of German swears, and RM gets away with the occasional German swear, though RM more often uses Japanese swears or offensive British slang.
  • The series actually has been criticized for getting TOO MUCH past the radar.
  • Just about all of episode 70, where Ash makes May take a pregnancy test to prove that she and RM haven't been getting "oosh-oosh-gooshy."
  • |Woody's full name is said to be Woody Pride.
    • Well, John Lasseter already confirmed that.
  • In one episode where RM goes on a murderous rampage when his hat is stolen, May, Max, and the Penguins intercept him at the intersection of Cloyster Street and Metapod Road.