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Main Characters

Ren Hoek

Not Ren's natural state, but fitting nonetheless.
Voiced by: John Kricfalusi (seasons 1-2), Billy West (seasons 3-5), and Kricfalusi again in Adult Party Cartoon

"They think I’m crazy. But I know better. It is not I who am crazy - it is I who am MAD!"


An asthma-hound Chihuahua prone to psychotic breakdowns and acts of violence. Whatever he does, expect for it to be somehow materially motivated. Has a voice suspiciously similar to Peter Lorre's.


"What's so secret about that spot?"


Stimpson J. Cat

Voiced by: Billy West (original series), Eric Bauza (Adult Party Cartoon)

"I'm hiding in the an idiot."


Steeimpy is an overweight manx cat with little brains (not as extremely little as, say, Ralph Wiggum) and a big heart. Despite having to deal with Ren's insanity and violence, he manages to put up with everything.

Other Recurring Characters

Mr. Horse

Voiced by: John Kricfalusi (seasons 1-2), Billy West (seasons 3-5), and Kricfalusi again in Adult Party Cartoon

"No, sir. I don't like it."


Mr. Horse is perhaps the Only Sane Man. But he might be the Ax Crazy one, too. He was a doctor, a psychologist, a psychically unbalanced creep, a war hero, a spokesman for the United Nations, an airplane pilot and many, many more. Who knows what he really is?

George Liquor

Doesn't the grin alone make you want to slap him?
Voiced by: Michael Pataki

"It's discipline that begets love!"


George Liquor is an American so conservative, he thinks Republicans are communists. However, that part of his character was expanded in his own cartoon, The Goddamn George Liquor Program - in The Ren and Stimpy Show, he's portrayed as a man with a strong faith in rules and discipline. He's only made two appearances on the show, due to the Nickelodeon execs' absolute condemnation for the character.

Powdered Toastman

Voiced by: Gary Owens

Muddy Mudskipper

Mr. Pipe

The Fire Chief

It's That Man Again

A smarmy, overly-enthusiastic travelling salesman who occasionally crosses paths with Ren and Stimpy. He also serves as the announcer for the Captain Hoek cartoons.

Abner Dimwitt and Ewalt Nitwitt


Wilbur Cobb

A former cartoon producer, first introduced in the episode "Stimpy's Cartoon", to whom the years have not been kind. He showed up in a few other shorts as a stock "rambling, crazy old man" character.

The Shaven Yak

Mrs. Buttloaves

Old Man Hunger

Haggis McHaggis

One-Shot Characters

Svën Höek

Jerry The Bellybutton Elf



Stinky Wizzleteats

The Ghost

Ralph Bakshi

Voiced by: Ralph Bakshi

Yes, that Ralph Bakshi. He appears solely in Fire Dogs II, with Ren and Stimpy hanging out with him.

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