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Proton Jon: @GrandStarYoshi @chuggaaconroy're not helping the situation.


Mario Party

  • Chance Time of Bowser's Magma Mountain. Thanks to Jon, Chuggaa won the game and swapped stars with Wario. This lead to...

Jon: (about Emile) He's hugging me! He's hugging me!
Emile: (hugging Jon) Monkey Hug!
Tim:...I'm witnessing... something...

  • From Mario's Rainbow Castle -

New Super Mario Bros Wii

  • Let's not forget Chugga's rendition of the Jetson's theme: replace, George Jetson with 'Josh Jepson', Judy with 'Jonny' and Jane with 'Tim' and then listen to the reactions of everyone else.
    • Later in Brawl, he asked if since Tim was playing Princess Zelda, did that make Josh a prince since Tim was his "wife". Apparently because of his infatuation with this song, Chugga ships Josh with Tim now.
  • If you pay close attention to their second New Super Mario Bros. Wii video, you can hear LOTS of talk like this.
    • In the 3rd vid Chugga says he can't live without Jon. Admittedly it's because he tends to die when Jon does, though.
  • When they reach the flagpole depending on where they landed, they'll go "I'm on top/bottom" or complain that they wanted to be on top.
  • Episode 7: "He was acting really weird. He wanted to kiss everyone last night."
  • Before that:

Jon: We brought a house.
Josh: We brought a house. That is shaped like a mushroom.
Chugga: We're starting our lives together!
Josh: No! God, No!
Jon: Why do you want to live with Josh so bad?
Chugga: I meant all four of us.
Josh: *at the same time* He kissed me earlier.

    • This would make a good sitcom.
  • In episode 8, Jon attempts to guide the others through the fortress...
  • "See, no one's understanding those Fire Ball Yum's or Fire Yum's Balls references we're making 'cause that was all stuff we did in the hotel room last night."
  • "Why are you just saying thrusting over and over again?" "Because it's THRUSTING!"
  • Episode 15 of NSMB Wii has Jon and Josh invoke this while the former is carrying the latter to safety.

Josh: *faking on the verge of crying* Thank you, Jon!
Jon: *ditto* You're welcome.
Josh: You're such a good friend!
Jon: I'm always there for you!
Josh: Okay!
Jon: Okay!

  • It also has Chuggaa saying to Jon "What did I ever do to you, honey?" Jon almost ends the video right there.

(Chugga dies when the group reach a ? Block. NCS opens it, releasing a Super Mushroom and 3 Ice Flowers; while Chugga's in the bubble, everyone takes an Ice Flower and Josh gets the mushroom)
Chugga: Thanks a lot! Wha--what are you targeting me for!? What did I ever do to you?
Jon: We've been through this before!
Chugga: What did I ever do to you, honey?
Josh: Um, what?
Jon: Aaaand that's where we stop the video. Good night everybody.
(cut to the end of episode screen for a few seconds, before going back to the game)

  • Josh, twice in episode 17 (once per part):

Josh: God, me and Luigi are just...screwing each other!
Josh: *to Jon, after Jon nearly throws him off a cliff* You just almost fucked me.

  • Episode 11. Jon has invinciblity, Chugga doesn't:

Chugga: Can I have a hug so I can have star power?
Jon: No.
Chugga: *fake sad* You never hug me anymore!
Jon: Because you don't deserve it anymore.
Chugga: Aww.
Jon: *overdramatic* I NEVER LOVED YOU TO BEGIN WITH!
Chugga: *fake sobbing* You did not just say that! My life no longer has meaning!

  • Near the end of episode 10, if you listen carefully, you can hear Jon calling the face Chugga is making "adorable".

Subspace Emissary

  • Chugga has a screenshot of one of the enemies (looking like he's) sucking off Diddy Kong. Jon questions this.
  • NCS, in a Final Fantasy IV video, mentions a conversation he and Chugga had while they were staying with Jon in Canada... in bed.
  • In Episode 8, Chugga insisting that Jon pointed at him and winked, while Jon denies it by saying he was 'just blinking'.
  • In episode 9 during the 2 dark Samus fight, Emile seems like he wants to see Jon naked.
    • Chugga says that Zero Suit Samus's name is technically inaccurate, as she's actually wearing a suit. Proton Jon replies to this with "It's not a birthday suit." Chugga brings up that it's Jon's birthday. Hilarity Ensues.


  • In Episode 13 we get Tim/Fox and Ganondorf getting married to Master Hand.

Jon: So I've got two of my favourite characters, and you've got...two...I you like Fox?
Tim: Yeah, I love him! ...Well, not like that...

  • In the process of fighting Kirby, Jon proves Freud right and Chugga makes things worse.

Jon: Captain Falcon has tripped! Doing a seductive pose for you, Kirby!
Chugga: You threw paper at him and he died...
Jon: Why is the top button so sticky!? (NCS laughs) What did you guys do to this controller!?
Chugga: (Quietly) In bed.


Jon: Are you punching Tim?
Chugga: No! I wasn't punching him!
NCS: His arm just happened to be moving in a certain, like, back and forth--
Chugga: Umm...
Jon: That's it. Make it sound worse than it actually was.
Chugga: Saying my arm is moving back and forth in a rhythm. Yeah.
NCS: Oh!
Jon: Bow chicka bow wow!
Chugga: With Tim?
NCS: His wife!
Chugga: Aaaaahhhhhh!
Jon: YES! Yes!

    • After they pick Wario as their wild card:

Chugga: I love the German fat man.
Chugga: NO! I didn't mean it like that!

    • Jon taking reverse psychology to its logical extreme.

Jon: (as they're switching off) It is me and you, but since there's only one character... I'll hold onto this controller and do nothing with it.
Chugga: Don't shove it up your ass.
Jon: Yes, that is exactly what I was going to do. How dare you take that option away from me.
[Chugga laughs and NCS groans]

    • Chugga lampshading the (copious) Ho Yay.

Chugga: Hey, at least I didn't call one of the other Runaway Guys 'gorgeous' publicly.
Jon: Dun da-dun dun.
NCS: (groans) Touche.
Jon: He actually saw that.
Chugga: E-yup.


Chugga: *notices they got an Ike sticker* Ike!
Jon: Don't rub it in.
Chugga: I'll rub whatever I - *cracks up* nevermind!
Tim: Wow. I'm not touching that with a ten-and-a-half foot pole.
Jon: *Sarcastic Clapping of sarcasm*
Chugga: *laughs* In the morning.

  • Jon gets back to the game, Chugga and Tim whisper "In bed" and giggle immaturely*

SSB Tournament

Mario Party 2

  • Most likely unintentional, but still funny enough to warrant a mention - Before playing Slot Car Derby on the first board, Chuggaa positions his character's car, and it looks like he's mounting Jon from behind.
  • JonXWario. "D'oh, I missed you!" Chugga then openly asked the Deviant ART community to draw fanart of the pairing... and boy, did they ever! (Bonus: Jon actually favorited the video on YouTube.)
  • "Yoshi is licking my butt."
  • Chugga loves Tim's scat
  • "69, 69. The shippers are gonna have a field day." (Both Jon and Chugga had 69 coins at the moment.)
  • "You blew me up the ass!" Which naturally leads to plenty of lampshading:

Jon: Are you certain you're straight? Because you keep saying things which a straight person should not be saying.
Chugga: I didn't mean it like that! I meant you threw the bomb at the...
Jon: And you wonder why there's slash.


Jon: He's just happy to see you.
Chugga: (groans) You just fueled so many...
Tim: (sputters incoherently)


Mario Power Tennis Tournament

  • This exchange at the beginning:

Emile: So, because we have two people named Jon here, we are going to be referring to our Jon as Jon. I own him, and so does Tim.
Jon: Wha-?
Emile: -and we're going to refer to him as JP.
JP: JP! Jonny Paula! Alright.
Jon: Jurassic Park. My initials are PJ, yours are JP, so it's Jurassic Park VS. Pajamas.
JP: That's good. If we got some butter in there we could have a nice PB&J, man. ...That sounded way gayer than it should have been.


Kirby's Return to Dreamland

  • Tim comments on the method of exchanging food (what appears to be regurgitating food into others mouths) in Episode 2 after Emile shares food with both Jon and Tim. Lampshaded by Jon.

Tim: That was so kinky.
Emile: Thanks for that!
Jon: I was wondering who was going to break the ice about that subject.



  • Proton Jon, in response to Chugga's constant cries of "SUCK IT!":

Chugga: *about to ram into Jon with his kart and defeat him* "SUCK IT!" *misses* "AGH! Dang it! I almost made him suck-" *dissolves into laughter*
Jon: "Would you stop saying 'suck'?!"
Chugga: "I didn't mean to say it..."
Jon: "I'm really starting to wonder what your sexual preference is!"