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It was thus revealed that Sigi had killed the thrall, having committed murder. And they called him a wolf in hallowed places, and he could no longer stay at home with his father. Then Odin guided Sigi out of the land on a journey so long that it was remarkable.
Völsunga saga, chapter 1
On this journey it happened that Rerir took sick and soon died. He intended to go to Odin; in those days that seemed desirable to many.
Völsunga saga, chapter 2: The Birth of Volsung
It has long been remembered and highly spoken of that the descendants of Volsung were exceptionally ambitious. They surpassed most men named in old sagas in both knowledge and accomplishments and in the desire to win.
Völsunga saga, chapter 2: The Birth of Volsung
The child was sprinkled with water and named Sigurd. All say one thing about him: that none was his match in conduct and size. He was raised there with King Hjalprek, and all showed him great affection. And when all the most renowned men and kings in the ancient sagas are named, Sigurd must be counted the foremost in strength and accomplishments, in zeal and valor. Of these qualities he possessed more than any other man in the northern world.
Völsunga saga, chapter 13: The Birth of Sigurd

[King Lyngvi] and his brothers went against Sigurd with a mighty force, and then the fiercest of battles began between them. Masses of spears and arrows could be seen flying through the air; axes swung violently, shields were split, armor was cut open, helmets were slashed, and skulls were cloven. Many men fell to the ground.

When the battle had gone on a very long time, Sigurd advanced past the standards, holding in his hand the sword Gram. He hewed both men and horses and went through the ranks, so that both his arms were bloody to the shoulder.
Völsunga saga, chapter 17: Sigurd kills Lyngvi and Hjorvard and all the others
Fafnir replied: “You will ride there, where you will find so much gold that it will be plentiful for the rest of your days. And that same gold will be your death, as it will be the death of all who possess it.” Sigurd stood up and said: “I would ride home, even though it would mean losing this great treasure, if I knew that I would never die. But every brave man wants to be wealthy until that one day. And you, Fafnir, lie in your death throes until Hel has you.” Then Fafnir died.
Völsunga saga, chapter 18: Regin and Sigurd go riding
“Control your temper with foolish men at crowded gatherings, for they frequently speak worse than they know. When you are called a coward, people may think that you are rightfully named so. Kill the man another day, rewarding him for his malicious words.”
Brynhild, chapter 22: Brynhild’s wise counsel
"And whenas folk tell of all the mightiest champions, and the noblest chiefs, then ever is [Sigurd] named the foremost, and his name goes wide about on all tongues north of the sea of the Greek-lands, and even so shall it be while the world endures."
Völsunga saga
Brynhild replied: “I will tell you just what will happen. To you will come Sigurd, the man I have chosen for my husband. Grimhild will give him bewitched mead, which will bring us all to grief. You will marry him and quickly lose him. Then you will wed King Atli. You will lose your brothers, and then you will kill Atli.” Gudrun answered: “The grief of knowing such things overwhelms me.”
Völsunga saga, chapter 27: Brynhild interprets Gudrun’s dreams

He told what he’d heard
repeated in songs about Sigemund’s exploits,
all of those many feats and marvels,
the struggles and wanderings of Waels[1]’s son,
things unknown to anyone
except to Fitela[2] – feuds and foul doings,
confided by uncle to nephew when he felt
the urge to speak of them. Always they had been
partners in the fight, friends in need.
They killed giants, their conquering swords

had brought them down.
Beowulf, lines 874—84
  1. Volsung
  2. Sinfjotli