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  • In one episode of the Simpsons, the creators got away with one of the dirtiest jokes to ever go under the radar of the censors. A sign says "Sneed's Seed and Feed - Formerly Chuck's".
  • The writers were surprised they were able to use the name "Flaming Moe". Their best guess is that the censors didn't get the reference. Moe stole the Flaming Moe from Homer, who naturally called it the "Flaming Homer" for what is essentially the exact same joke
  • Let’s not forgot the times, at least one of the characters in the nude… how did the censors most of the time missed it, especially when Homer is naked.
    • Just take a look at the classic scene where Homer is stuck going up the roof of a crystal church. Spare a thought for those who are to see his… wonderously creation indeed.
    • There was also a scene in another episode, after Krusty frees Homer from a locked sauna, he asked if someone ordered a steamed "gentile"... implying Homer wasn't subjected to a circumcision, unlike Krusty, who's a Jew.
  • Note the officer in American History X-cellent

 Prison Officer: Time for a cavity search
Burns: I haven’t had cavity in over 40 years.
Prison Officer: I wasn’t talking about your teeth.
Burns: Nor was I.

  • In “Rosebud”, Homer just had to…

 Homer: Here's an impression of Mr. Burns that you might find, a little "cheeky".

    • Later in the same episode,

 Bart: Dad, I know you're discouraged, but please, don't deny the world your fat can.
Homer: Don't worry, boy. He'll be ready for your Aunt Selma's birthday.
Lisa: I knew it.

  • In “I Love Lisa”, Bart moons a group of girls by doing impression of Richard Nixon with his butt!
    • In ‘Round Springfield’, Bart pulls off this while Lisa was visiting Blooding Gum Murphy. This was after Bart had to have surgery.

 Hello, I'm Dr. Cheeks. I'm doing my rounds, and, uh, I'm a little behind

  • Barney’s diaper comes off in one scene in “Mr. Plow”.
  • In “Bart’s Girlfriend”, Bart tries a bunch of balloons to Willy’s kilt, to expose the private parts. It was revealed to be a trap, set up by Skinner, which Willy was upset with because he felt used.

 Ach; ‘Tis no more than what God gave me, you puritan pukes!

  • Just when Bart is about to kicked in the butt by the Prime Minster of Australia in “Bart vs. Australia”, he jumps out of the way and shows his butt with the message ‘Don't tread on me’, even Lisa was impressed.
  • Burns was taking a shower in “Brush with Greatness” when Marge walks in by mistake.
  • Let’s not forget “Call of the Simpsons” where there was a brush to protect Homer’s… well, you can see where this is going.
  • In “Homer the Clown”, Krusty sees a pair of pants that Homer is wearing getting caught in the pedals of a bike, pulling them down.

 Krusty: Burn that seat

  • During the “Clown without Pity” for the third Treehouse of Horrors series, Homer runs from a possessed Krusty Doll, who is out to kill him. To top it off, Homer run past Marge, Patty, and Selma… while in the nude.
  • The plot of “Homer Bad Man” is about Homer being accuse of sexual harassment.
  • In “Lisa’s First Word”, Bart’s first words were Ay, caramba when he caught his parents having SEX!
  • To "Surveil with Love", Bart finds out the Simpsons’ backyard is a blind spot. He uses his naked butt to create line as Homer comes by.

 Homer: Hey boy, what are you?
Bart: Experimenting with my butt.

  • In the sixteenth ‘Treehouse of Horror’ episode, in the segment, I've grown a Costume on Your Face, Agnes Skinner scolds Seymour for dressing as G.I. Joe for Halloween just after a witch had already put a spell. Seymour looks down his pants, and replies ‘Uh Oh’.
  • In “The Dad Who Knew Too Little”, Bart shows Lisa a laser pointer and points it at Seymour. Seymour thought it was a stain and process to take both his pants and underwear off. Wiggum comes by and tells Seymour to get a medical check-up on his crotch.

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