The Twilight Chronicles

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A Youtube series created by a group of Canadian high school students. The series is a more sexually disturbing take on Twilight, reworking characters and plots from the original series. The show has an extremely campy tone, notable for taking a Refuge in Vulgarity and for it's Soap Opera-like Love Dodecahedron story.

The series has produced eight episodes to date, with a ninth and tenth set to air sometime soon.

Tropes used in The Twilight Chronicles include:
  • Acting for Two - Gen Borg plays Bella and Jacob, and is often credited twice in the main titles. Spenser Doherty plays Edward and voices Starry, and also played Rebecca Black in one episode.
    • Jamie Kathleen played Edward's Mom and Satan in one episode. This is also a case of The Other Darrin, as Satan had previously been played by a different actor.
  • All Gays Are Promiscuous
  • All Just a Dream - Episode 7.
  • All Love Is Unrequited - Edward to Jacob.
  • Alpha Bitch - Bella.
  • Ambiguous Gender - Edward and Edward's Mom.
  • And Starring - "and Gen Borg as Jacob" in Episodes 4-5. Jamie Kathleen is credited with "and" in Episode 8.
  • Back from the Dead - Bella's vagina is a portal to Hell, and when she's in Hell, it's a portal to Earth. Essentially, she cannot be killed. She's come back from the dead three times now.
    • Played straight with Edward's Mom, who was killed off in Episode 2 and remained absent for several episodes, coming back in Episode 6.
  • Bi the Way - Jacob.
  • Bury Your Gays - Subverted. Edward and Jacob, the show's only gay/bi characters, are the only ones who haven't died or gone to Hell.
  • But You Screw One Goat! - Victoria and dogs.
  • Canon Immigrant - Fairly obvious, but Starry the Star never appeared in any of the Twilight novels.
  • Cast Full of Gay - Edward, Jacob and Starry for sure, Edward's Mom possibly.
  • Cast Herd - Played with. For a while, episodes were split between (A) Edward and Jacob and (B) Bella.
  • Children Are Innocent - Horribly, horribly subverted when a little boy announces he slept with Edward Cullen.
  • Continuity Lock Out - The show was confusing from the beginning, but if you skip an episode, don't expect to have any idea what's going on.
    • In addition, understanding the series requires a working knowledge of the characters of Twilight.
  • Deal with the Devil - Bella literally made one with Satan. If she doesn't bring him a little boy, he'll revoke her portal powers permanently, meaning that she cannot return from the dead.
    • Edward's Mom made one of these with Bella so she would let her return to Earth. The conditions have yet to be revealed.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything? - Starry is a pedophile who speaks in a hushed falsetto and ends most of his sentences with "Hee hee!"
  • Evolving Credits - New opening credits are shot for every episode, and, unusually, include guest stars for that episode, invariably credited as "Special Guest Star".
  • Fake Memories - Starry gives these to Jacob (although exactly how he did this is unknown) causing him to remember an orgy that never happened, casting doubt on the father of Edward's baby.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming - Attempted and averted early in the show's run. The second and fourth episodes were both titled after Ke$ha songs, but the practice was dropped.
    • The planned title for the tenth and final episode is "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes".
  • Implied Love Interest - Carlisle and Victoria. Carlisle mentions that they slept together... in a dream sequence. It's not clear what their relationship is in the real world.
  • Incest Is Relative - Edward and his mother, although they've had no romantic interaction since the first episode.
  • Ironic Hell - For Starry.
  • Love Triangle - Edward, Jacob and Edward's Mom.
  • Love Dodecahedron - Let's break it down. Edward and Jacob were dating, but Edward slept with Starry and his mother, causing Jacob to break up with him. Jacob started dating Edward's Mom, but she died. Victoria, who may be dating Carlisle in Mexico, shows up and hits on Jacob and Edward, settles for Jacob's dog, and leaves. Edward's Mom comes back to life, and she and Jacob get back together. Carlisle shows up and Edward's Mom gets together with her, but Carlisle is cheating on her with Bella. Whew.
  • Mister Seahorse - Edward.
  • Musical Episode - Episode 7, or at least it was supposed to be. Edward's musical number was overdubbed with the actual song to cover for his off-key singing, and Bella's was just dancing.
  • No Name Given - Edward's Mom.
  • Promotion to Opening Titles - RJ Borg got one in Episode 5. This lasted all of two episodes, and he hasn't been seen since.
  • Put on a Bus/Bus Crash/The Bus Came Back - Edward's Mom was simply written out of Episode 3 due to her unavailability, but Episode 4 killed her off for real. She returned from the dead in Episode 6.
  • Real Song Theme Tune - "We R Who We R" by Ke$ha.
  • Schedule Slip - Episodes are uploaded randomly and there's no filming schedule.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man - Edward and Jacob. Care to guess as to which one's which?
  • Special Edition Title - Episode 7.
  • The Other Darrin - Satan. In Episode 3, he was played by Nathan Mancini. In Episode 6, he was played by Jamie Kathleen.