The Umbrella Academy

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A comic book series written by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance and drawn by Gabriel Bá from Dark Horse Comics.

One day, 43 extraordinary children were all spontaneously born on the same day. Of these children, seven are adopted by the inventor (and space alien) Reginald Hargreeves and groomed into superheroes. However, Hargreeves does not prove to be a good father figure and his inability to give emotional warmth to the children, along his unwavering ambition to push them to their limits, inevitably scars them all as adults. In many ways The Umbrella Academy is both a Deconstruction and Affectionate Parody of Gold and Silver Age comics, joyfully embracing absurd and wonderful classics like talking monkeys and space squids while exploring the real psychological effects of being groomed from birth to be a hero in the care of a wealthy man of intrigue.

The main series takes place after Hargreeves's death where the team reunite at his funeral. There are currently two complete story lines The Apocalypse Suite and Dallas as well as a handful of one shot stories, all of which are now available on the internet.

Has nothing to do with The Umbrella Corporation.

Tropes used in The Umbrella Academy include: