The Vinyl Scratch Tapes/YMMV

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    • Author's Saving Throw: After Season One was written, Lauren Faust made several Word of God statements that Jossed almost everything Vinyl Scratch accused Celestia of in her interview, thereby making Vinyl look like an utter bitch making false accusations about one of the rulers of Equestria. Season Two, Episode Three... has Luna tear Vinyl Scratch apart for making false accusations about one of the rulers of Equestria.
      • And Season 2 Episode 4 has Luna backpedaling a bit herself.
    • Awesome Ego: Vinyl
    • Broken Base: The aforementioned Author's Saving Throw. Some felt it was deserved, while others... didn't.
    • Crazy Awesome: Vinyl at times.
    • Fan Dumb: The Broken Base over the saving throw leads one to suspect a lot of people were just on board for the Celestia-bashing.
    • Harsher in Hindsight: Ponyville Confidential had many tropers feeling bad when a town was shunning three small fillies for a single day when their insensitivity caused problems. Now imagine pretty much the whole of Equestria openly wanting their deaths and attacking them wherever they go, for months on end. That's Blueblood, except without two additional ponies to share his pain with (at least at first).
    • Jerkass Woobie: Blueblood
    • Les Yay: Vinyl openly flirts with Octavia every chapter, and apparently Spitfire was her first kiss.
      • Season 2 takes it Up to Eleven now that they may be in an actual relationship.