The Zombie Hunters

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Jenny (left) and Sammie (right), about to kick some undead ass

"Years after the crippling outbreak that turned most of the human population into undead, a small community of survivors have taken up residence on an island, home to the abandoned facilities of the Argus Research Campus."
—LOG ENTRY #1536

The Zombie Hunters is a Science Fiction-Horror Web Comic by Jenny Romanchuk, running since late 2006, set in the years after the Zombie Apocalypse. Originally conceived as a private self-insert comic for herself and friends, after they featured in a funny dream involving zombies, Romanchuk posted some strips online, then decided to expand on the concept when they were well-received. It updates weekly on Mondays and occasionally Thursdays. It can be read here.

The story centers on a motley but seasoned crew of young, government-sponsored Disaster Scavengers, (the eponymous "Zombie Hunters") all carrier Zombie Infectees dividing their time between coping with their expendable, segregated status at home, and trying not to get bitten in the wastelands filled with multiple "species" of zombies. When not fighting for their lives, searching for salvage or looting, they're training in New Meat, among them a half-zombie who chafes as much at having to work with his juniors as he does at their treatment of him. Alongside all this, A.R.C doctors and scientists keep working to Find the Cure for The Virus, engineers keep technology running, Red Halos keep order, and ordinary civilians go about their lives.

It all sounds perfectly reasonable and civilized. It isn't.

(The comic is rated R for violence, disturbing images, coarse language, and the occasional zomboobie)

Tropes used in The Zombie Hunters include:

Sammie: How many hallucinatory fingers am I holding up?
Katie: *flips Sammie the bird*
Sammie: Atta girl!

  • Nightmare Fuel Coloring Book: A child's doodles feature bloody monstrosities labelled "Mom" and "Dad" eating his sister and dog. It's that trope's picture.
  • Ninja: Functionally, Hunters. Excerpt from the Hunter entry:

I will always find you. Before you ever find me.

"It's a brick flai..."
"No. No it's not."

"Well, Jenny. I have something to tell you. I see dead people."