Themed Harem

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A type of Author Appeal in the Harem Genre. Like a particular Moe Moe character type? There's not just one character that fits in this show/game/what have you, but the whole cast is composed of them! (Well, usually. Sometimes there's an odd haremette out, just for variety's sake.)

Necessarily needs something like Four-Girl Ensemble or Four-Temperament Ensemble to differentiate their personalities, if not attaching other moe stereotypes to each of the characters, because you can't very well have four or five pining childhood friends that have been waking you up in the morning for fifteen years without a bit of variety between them.

Also, doesn't seem to apply to settings; even though these are actual and well-known moe zokusei, "they're all soldiers" or "they're all schoolgirls" doesn't count, or we'd have every harem series on here and then some. Plus it's really about personality type. If they were all the hardened soldier type with a secret Bodyguard Crush or tall high-school students with inferiority complexes, now that would be different.

Examples of Themed Harem include:

Originally Eroge and Visual Novels