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Thirteen is a 2003 movie written by the then-fifteen-year-old Nikki Reed. The movie is intended to be partially autobiographical as it shows much of what Nikki's life was like between the ages of twelve and thirteen. The movie deals with the experience of girls just barely out of their pre-teens and getting into situations that would be better handled by adults.

It was produced independently and only picked up by Working Title Films only after the movie had finished production.

The plot revolves around Tracy Freeland struggling as an adolescent trying to become popular, then becoming popular only to find out that the cost to stay there in morality and self-worth to be too high.

Holly Hunter received a nomination for best supporting actress from this movie and a golden globe. Evan Rachel Wood also received a nomination for a golden globe.

Not to be confused with 13.

Tropes used in Thirteen (film) include: