This Is for Emphasis, Bitch

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    Because a "megaton announcement" just isn't "megaton" enough without this.

    Buffy: What are you doing here? Five words or less.
    Spike: (Counting them off on his fingers) Out. For. A. Walk. (realises he still has the thumb) Bitch.


    It's basically ending a sentence with a comma and "Bitch!", as a way of someone verbally making an exclamation point in dialog.

    It did get overused, so now it's a Discredited Trope. You're as likely as not to see it thrown in a sentence just to be funny, even though there is no other reason to emphasize a point this way.

    This can overlap with Quote Swear Unquote, Obligatory Swearing.

    Compare (but would not overlap with) Verbal Tic, Precision F-Strike.

    Examples of This Is for Emphasis, Bitch include:

    Anime and Manga, Bitch!


    Rue: ... In fact, I'm far from having loved him enough.
    Duck: Well, I love him, too!... BITCH!


    Comic Books, Bitch!

    • From DC, Donna Troy is fighting an alternate-version of herself. When asked who she is, she punches that version in the head and says:

    "Donna Troy": I'm Donna Troy, bitch. Donna. Troy.

    • Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness had the vegan police announce Todd Ingram had eaten "Gelato, bitch!" The movie puts its own spin on it.

    Todd: "Gelato isn't vegan?"
    Vegan policeman: "It's milk and eggs, bitch."


    Fan Works, Bitch!


    Ike: "You'll get no sympathy from me. I'm the only pretty-boy in this game... BITCH!"




    "Voldemort out, bitches."


    Film, Bitch!


    Nancy: Hurts doesn't it? You're in my world now, bitch.

    • The title character in Happy Gilmore throws down with Bob Barker during a celebrity pro-am golf tourney.

    Happy: (thinking he's just won the fight) The price is wrong, bitch!
    Bob Barker: (after laying Happy out with a swift kick to the face) Now you've had enough... bitch.


    Donnie: Then why don't you start taking the goddamn pills, (pause) bitch?
    Donnie's mom: Our son just called me a bitch.
    Donnie's dad: You're not a bitch. You're bitchin'... but you are not a bitch.

    • Aliens: "Get away from her, you BITCH!"

    Live-Action TV, Bitch!

    • Breaking Bad takes this to an extreme with Jessie Pinkman. "Bitch" might as well be his catchphrase.

    "This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed... BITCH!"


    Simon: It's an inaccurate fact, I did some research. There are now almost 10 million bicycles in Beijing... bitch.

    • "I'm Rick James, Bitch!" from Chappelle's Show, and a lot of Chappelle's jokes in general. He uses this to great effect, and may have lead to a recent upswing in the use of this trope.
      • Shouted out (literally) by Wayne Brady in another skit where he took Chappelle on a ride... after he kneecaps Dave with a gunshot. "I'm Wayne Brady, BITCH!!"
    • The OC
      • "Welcome to The OC, bitch!"
      • Frequently parodied with "Welcome to the O.Z., bitch!" when referencing Tin Man.
      • Also parodied in Gilmore Girls. "Welcome to the S.H, bitch."
    • In Angel's "Smile Time" episode, from one muppet to another: "I'm gonna tear you a new puppet hole, bitch!"
    • The Colbert Report: "It's French, bitch!"
    • The Middleman: "Muscle memory, bitch!"
    • Jersey Shore: In the first episode of Season 1 and subsequently, the current opening: Snooki says "I'm going to Jersey Shore, bitch!
    • Greek: "I don't even like Cosmos, bitch!"
    • Sweet Dee saying "I WILL EAT YOUR BABIES BITCH!" in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
      • Also, Mac's "What's up bitches?"
    • The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon in The Bat Jar Conjecture: "In other words, it's on...bitch." Badassitude abounds.
    • In Space Mutiny, Big Bad Kalgan has some such line, to which Mike Nelson adds "Bitch."
    • From Michael to Dwight on The Office: "Hug it out, bitch."
    • On Saturday Night Live, any conversation Tracy Morgan holds with Lorne Michaels is likely to end with the former demanding, "Get me a soda, bitch!"
    • Dave, a contestant on season one of reality cooking show Top Chef, reached the height of reality TV popularity after telling another contestant Tiffani "I'm not your bitch, bitch!" in response to endless haranguing by the latter.
    • X-Play: Morgan Webb's tagline on a commercial about her visiting conventions in Japan: "Konichiwa, bitches."
    • X-Play's coverage of G-Phoria one year featured Ratty sneaking into the awards by jumping off a nearby building. This action was accompanied by "Geronimo, bitches!"
    • How I Met Your Mother:
      • "I'm cuddley, bitch!"
      • Also, Ted re: shots "I drank all five, bitch!"
      • As well as Lily's "You just made the list, bitch!"
      • How about Barney speaking French? "Parce que j'ai le jeu, mes chiennes. Translation? Cos I got game, bitches!"
        • That doesn't quite mean what he wanted. "Chiennes" literally means "female dogs." If he wanted "bitches" in the slang sense, he should have used "salopes" or "garces" depending on personal preference.
    • Wanda Syke's "I'ma Be Me" had her saying "Yeaaah... Obama, bitch!"
    • Modern Family: "See, we're all going to get past this and be friends again, and this was all set up by me, Mitchell, who is not a mummy's boy but is instead a insightful and considerate person, so make a note bitches!" in episode 4.
    • From a sketch/interview on The Soup where Zachary Quinto kicks Joel McHale: "Who's Sylar now, bitch?"

    chk chk! Put the mimosas down, bitch!


    Music, Bitch!

    Professional Wrestling, Bitch!

    Radio, Bitch!

    • The WNYC program Radio Lab episode Choice(501) contained an instance of this, subverting the line tagged onto the end of many radio broadcast introductions. "Stay with us...bitches."
    • Inetta the Mood-Setter. "I quit this bitch!".

    Recorded and Stand-Up Comedy, Bitch!

    • Inverted by David Cross, on Bigger and Blackerer: He details a game to play with friends at a restaurant. When talking to the waitress, make the first thing you say be "Yeah, bitch," But in as low-key a manner as possible. Then, be as polite as possible when making your order. The object is to make it so that the waitress won't be sure you called her 'bitch', but would feel uncomfortable asking such a polite person if he did.
    • Daniel Tosh provides a milder example that involves working the phrase "Suck It" into everyday conversation:

    "By the way, if you ever have a job where you have to give speeches in front of people, pepper in the phrase 'suck it.' Very empowering. Just be like 'As you can see from our powerpoint presentation suck it...' And your clients would be like, 'Did he say suck it? I like this guy... he's a go-getter.'"


    Video Games, Bitch!

    • Resistance: "I'm James Grayson, bitches!"
    • No More Heroes has quite the handful.
      • "So what you're tellin' me is that I gotta continue fighting. There's no way out of this. You set me up, bitch!"
      • "That's fucked up. That's the stupidest rule I've ever heard! This guy's mine and you just want me to let him go?! Bitch!"
      • "You are the 3rd ranked assassin, bitch?"
    • The tagline for Bungie's April Fools joke game Pimps at Sea was "Arrrrrh, bitch!"
    • Quoth Heather from Silent Hill 3: "Shut your stinking mouth, BITCH!".
    • Grand Theft Auto: "Welcome to the Land of Freedom, Bitches! AHHHHHHHHH!"
      • "I ain't nobody's "ass technician", bitch!" - OG Loc
    • Makai Kingdom: "Who's the overlord now, bitch?"
    • True Crime: Streets of LA. uses this liberally, but I guess the greatest example is when he finishes off the crime lord who had his father killed over a money laundering scheme. While this could be a bit of a solemn moment, as he watches his father's killer burn to death in a plane crash, he follows it up by saying: "Try Laundering THAT, bitch!"
    • Duke Nukem: Duke, despite his extreme womanizing, is a Chivalrous Pervert who never insults the objects of his desire. When you hear him confront the female monster Alien Queen and bellow, "I'm gonna kick your ass, bitch!, you know it is on.
    • Left 4 Dead's new Crash Course DLC has hopeless optimist Louis, of all people, scream "Oh, it's a bitch apocalypse now, bitch!"
    • Borderlands plays this straight with Roland, the Soldier. Upon scoring a kill with a Critical Hit, he may shout, "Critical, bitch!", or "Critical, biatch!".
    • Mass Effect: Used here and there with examples such as

    Miranda - "You'll die for that, bitch!"
    Jack - "Touch me and I will smear the walls with you, bitch!"

      • Delivered by Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 3 to Kai Leng as s/he stabs him with his/her omni-blade.

    Commander Shepard: That was for Thane/Miranda/Kirrahe/Thane and Miranda you son of a bitch.


    Paulie: "Oh yeah, look out! Pooper coming through! Please keep your hands inside the porter potty while you TAKE A DRINK, BITCH!"


    Trejo -"You shoulda listened when you had the chance, bitch!"
    Created Character: "You just got owned, bitch!"

    • In MadWorld, after being attacked by ninjas...

    Howard: I've composed a haiku, in honor of this moment.
    Kreese: Alright, drop it down.
    Howard: Ninja rise from floor.
    Red spray-paint ceiling and walls.
    Jack is triumphant.
    Kreese: 5, 7, 5, bitches.


    Marcus: (after stabbing Myrrah with Dom's knife) You feel that? That's from Dom...and everyone else you killed you bitch!

    • Batman: Arkham City falls into this a few too many times. You will hardly ever hear any other curse word used, leading to several grunts using "bitch" so many times you'd wish they'd just say something else. For major characters, Two Face takes the cake, especially when he's going against Catwoman. Makes you wonder if he knows any other insults.
    • In The Simpsons Game when the Simpson family meets an evil Will Wright.

    Homer You can't do this!
    Will Wright: Sure I can. I'm Will Wright, bitch!

    • In World of Warcraft, during a confrontation in Silverpine Forest between Garrosh Hellscream and Sylvanas Windrunner.

    Garrosh: What difference is there between you and the Lich King now?
    Sylvanas: Isn't it obvious, Warchief? *flippant salute* I serve the Horde.
    Garrosh: Watch your clever mouth, bitch.


    Web Animation, Bitch!

    Web Comics, Bitch!


    Vulcan Raven: Then return from whence you came, and do not trouble this world again. Bitch.


    Web Original, Bitch!


    slowbeef: I-- maybe it was, like, how to get a refund... Like, "Don't be afraid to take back your pumpkins."
    Diabetus: This is an example of a defective product. Here's what you should do in this situation, bitch.


    Western Animation, Bitch!


    Quinn: Stormy, what time is it?
    Stormy: Dodgeball time.
    Quinn: Dammit, Stormy, what time is it?
    Stormy: (knocks Quinn out with a dodgeball) I said it was dodgeball time, bitch.


    "You call that a Salchow?! It looks like you have mad Salchow disease! That's right, your skating has a spongiform encephalopathy, bitch!"


    Real Life, Bitch!

    • After carefully outlining the many, many reasons that global warming is real, a scientist famously ended her presentation with:

    "Look it up, bitches."