This is the Only Level (Adventures in Singularity)

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"Elephants sometimes do forget... the rest of the levels."
—Slogan for This Is the Only Level

This is the Only Level (Adventures in Singularity) is a game created by jmtb02. It features an elephant, trying to escape a room. That's all the game is.

Or so you would think.

Actually, there is only one level... but you have to repeat it, over and over. And each time you finish it, the aspect of the levels change. There are thirty variations of the level (called stages) in all, and each of them are different.

It can be played here.

A sequel, titled This is the Only Level TOO (The Heroic Quest to Complete Another Level) has since been released, featuring Level 2 and thirty new stages. It can be played over here. A third game, This is the Only Level 3, has also been released. You can play it right here.

The same elephant stars in Achievement Unlocked and its sequel, as well as Elephant Rave, Run Elephant Run, Obey The Game!, and Elephant Quest.

Tropes used in This is the Only Level (Adventures in Singularity) include:

All three levels provide examples of:

  • Door to Before: The exit of the level takes you back to the start of the level.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: There IS only one level in both games. You just have to do them loads of times.
  • Fake Trap: In the first level, the spikes in "Dull surprises" act as springs. In the second, they have different properties in "Left IS Right" (the bottom of the row of spikes on the left wall is fake), "On Ice" (all the spikes disappear when you go near them), and "D34TH 15 2AD" (you have to make certain sets of spikes disappear in a certain order). Otherwise, they kill you.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: The titles of each stage contain a clue as to how to solve them.
  • Interface Screw: Some of the stages in both levels either reverse your controls or disable certain buttons. Some of them even make you use entirely new keys.
  • Invisible Block: In the first level's "Mime's folly", there is an invisible wall to the right of the button that you have to jump over. The second level features "Amazeing", which is a maze made up of invisible blocks.
  • Jump Physics: The elephant (and the secret characters in the sequel) can jump like freaking Mario. Sometimes.
  • Locked Door: In almost every stage of both levels. Sometimes figuring out how to open it is part of the stage puzzle.
  • Pressure Plate: The button that sometimes opens the door.
  • Side View
  • Solve the Soup Cans: Admittedly the hints are there in the titles but the solutions are still pretty far out.
    • For Level 1 in particular, "Time to refresh" requires you to refresh the page in your browser to unlock the door (though an updated version of the game changes the title to "Refresh or Panic" and lets you hit the panic button instead of refreshing), and "Credit page" requires you to go back to the menu, then go to the Credits page and click "Main menu, and unlock Stage 27 for me" there.
    • In Level 2, "Peek-a-boo!" requires you to face away from the door to open it, then dash through before it closes again, "Stuck?" requires you to click the walkthrough button to unlock the door, "Deaf, Dumb, and Blind" not only requires you to navigate the course while blacked out, but also hit the Mute button, and "What's On The Menu?" requires you to go back to the menu, then control the elephant in it and bring it onto the button at the top left, and return to the game.

Level 1 provides examples of:

Level 2 provides examples of:

Level 3 provides examples of:


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