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  • A few episodes into Tiger and Bunny, a couple of fans noticed that Kotetsu's goatee looked, shall we say, adorable. And thus the legendary catbeard was born.
  • Batman's "MY PARENTS ARE DEEEEAAADDDDD!!!!!" meme has also been adopted for Barnaby. Altering famous Batman comic panels to make them about Barnaby also seems popular.
  • "X! And X again!"[1]
  • Since episode 15, many a crack has been made about Keith Goodman/Sky High's incredibly obvious status as a clueless virgin. The 4th drama CD has only encouraged them.
  • "Goddammit, Sunrise. Stop doing this to us."[2]
    • "I must have that delicious Oyaji Moe scent!"[3]
    • Sold out in X seconds [4]
  • "Is it Saturday yet?"[5]
  • After unwittingly winning the affection of not one but three Tsundere (Karina, Barnaby and his own wife, Tomoe), the fandom has concluded that Kotetsu has magical Tsundere-attracting powers.
  • "Yes, yes, Baaahnaby. Jut out your hips more." [6]
  • After the twenty fourth episode (wherein Barnaby confesses that he's been learning how to make Kotetsu's Trademark Favorite Food, among other things, while begging him not to die), Kotetsu's preoccupation with fried rice didn't just become a meme - it became an international event
  • Being Bison is suffering.[7]

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  1. Explanation Based off of Sky High's catchphrase, as well as his regular tendency to repeat himself.
  2. Explanation Watching Tiger and Bunny evidently leads to a crippling addiction to purchasing all of the show's merchandise (and not-merchandise. Nobody quite expected that sales spike in Kotetsu alleged cologne). Thus, the fandom curses Sunrise's name every time they come up with a new toy or T-shirt to sell.
  3. Explanation 2chan and /a/ have discovered that the cologne Kotetsu owns is a real brand. Things haven't been the same since.
  4. Explanation There's been a notorious tendency for T&B figurines to not only sell instantly after preorders open, but actually crash the sites they're sold on from the surge in orders.
  5. Explanation Tiger and Bunny fans are very impatient for their Superhero Saturday fix. No T&B thread on /a/ ends without this question asked.
  6. Explanation Fans are more than a little suspicious of Maverick's parenting techniques, given his ward's habit of pandering to the Female Gaze.
  7. Explanation The writers - head writer Nishida, in particular - have admitted that they're pretty fond of Antonio/Rock Bison - a fondness that paradoxically drives them to relentlessly screw with him.