Time (magazine)

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Time (styled within the magazine as TIME) is an American weekly news magazine published in New York City. It was founded in 1923 and for decades was dominated by Henry Luce, who built a highly profitable stable of magazines.

Time has the world's largest circulation for a weekly news magazine, and has a readership of 26 million, 20 million of which are based in the United States. Three other editions of Time are published for Europe, Asia and Australasia (South Pacific). Time for Kids is their division for children. Their YouTube channel is available here.

Note: To access old Time articles on their website, a subscription must be bought.

Tropes used in Time Magazine include:

"You write a book, you get to the end, and then it's like—meh, I'll just pick one of the letters of the alphabet for the title."

  1. The cover and article in the Is God Dead? issue were so controversial, they have their own Wikipedia article.
  2. TIME article about the April 2017 cover's design