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This is a Warner Bros. cartoon from The Nineties, after all. To clarify, as seen in the lyrics of the opening, the line "We're comic dispensers, we crack up all the censors", heard as Buster hits the censors, shattering them like glass, is the third line of the song as a whole. WB just loved shitting on the radar back in the day.

  • The mere existence of Julie Bruin is but one example.
  • From the Washingtoon episode, there's a surprisingly blatant example in a scene which has the Moral Guardian mentioning why she's there and then adds, "My Card". We then see a license plate mentioning her "license to kill cartoons" displayed proudly on her butt.
  • At one point in The Movie, Buster sprays Babs with a squirt gun. This would be innocent enough, except that it's played off as sexual assault.
  • In The Looney Begininning (the first episode in which a human animator tries to create a new cartoon) Babs does a Dolly Parton impression she then makes her chest grow bigger, she then says "I'm a bustin' out all over".
    • And then she follows it up with a Jessica Rabbit impression, complete with Buster's arousal.
  • In Animaniacs (the episode, not the show), after Montana Max has been thrown out because of his scathing cartoon, we have a short Bugs and Daffy (who are judges along with Porky Pig for a animation festival). In it, we see Daffy reading a magazine called "Playduck" (which even features a skimpily dressed female duck on the front cover). Bugs quickly snatches it away from him... then himself reads it. See the wonder here.
  • One episode had Buster and Babs going on a Fantastic Voyage into Furrball's body to help a family of fleas. Among their adventures, they discover Furrball's pleasure center and casually touch it. The result is effectively the cat having an orgasm.
  • To say nothing of Fowlmouth's fondness for inserting the phrase "dad gum" into practically every line he had that wasn't completely bleeped out anyway...
  • One episode has Babs drawn with obvious cleavage, and Fifi the skunk was literally buxom. If that's not enough... in the How I Spent My Summer Vacation movie, Fifi's boyfriend gets stolen away by what can only be described as the Kim Kardashian of skunks.
    • The skunk's name? Bimbette!!
  • They sing the Name Game in one episode, where characters' names have their first consonants replaced with 'm', 'f', and 'b'. In the end credits there is the line: "Name inadvertently left out of The Name Game: Plucky".
  • Then there's that episode where Buster, Plucky, and Hamton got drunk and stole a car and drove off a cliff and died.
  • The episode "Aroma Amore" has Fifi say to Furball when chasing him a "Jiggling Gigolo", which really means a "Male Prostitute".
  • Much of the second half of the episode "Thirteensomething" indicates Plucky is clearly making not-at-all-subtle hints about wanting to have sex with Shirley.
    • Shirley calls Plucky A "pluck face" in the same episode, similar to another rude name.
    • Also from the episode, Babs transforms into a Madonna impression, then asks Buster, "Truth or dare?"
    • In the same episode, when Babs gets to 30 Rock, David Letterman says "I'm not wearing pants."[1]
  • Margo Mallard, particularly in The Acme Bowl. Did you see the hot tub scene? It's pretty clear what Rodrick means when he reminds Plucky about the "friendly classmates."
    • Not to mention the way Plucky's betrayal is played in general. It almost reads as a cautionary tale: Kids, don't get in cars (or hot tubs) with evil preps!
  • The Batman's parody segment of "Inside Plucky Duck" give us a glimpse to Batduck's belt, so the audience can know that this superhero carry this gadgets: Duck-A-Rang, Duck Soup, Duck Cuff and Duck Off.
  • The (literally) spiked punch in the "Prom-ise Her Anything"
  1. Added bonus: in Real Life, Letterman said that a lot. He used to yell it out the window, even. At other news shows.