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  • Several indirect mentions in There Will Be Brawl; the title drop actually refers to the "brawl" that eventually erupts in the last episode. It also refers to the fact that the series is a dark Affectionate Parody of Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a whole. In order, it's mentioned by Luigi in the fourth episode, Dedede in the fifth, Olimar in the eigth, and Bowser in the ninth.
  • The serial web-novel Fine Structure (here) is somewhat sporadically updated; one of the chapters is titled simply "this is not over and I am not dead" in all-lowercase. It seems as though the author is commenting in the title on his somewhat sporadic update-schedule, and apologizing (such as it is) for the relatively late update, right up until the Big Bad (an Sufficiently Advanced Alien in human form) says those exact words and then proceeds to shoot himself.

Then it's over, Heaven number seventy-nine dopplering into our wake, torn bodily from its extradimensional moorings, fine structure bucking, scattering and shattering.

This is made more interesting by the fact that this chapter was incorporated retroactively. However, the author had apparently written it with the intention of adding it eventually.
  • Another web-novel, Fragile, features this trope in two different parts that use the title in them -- once in the middle and another time at the very end. Both times, the title refers to Severin, with the latter referring to his mental state and the former just generally referring to Page's perception of him.
  • Retsupurae pointed this out in their Trapped retsuflash.
    • Later, during the third game of the series they throw in forced title drops to all three games in the series--Trapped, Pursuit and Escape--in immediate succession.
    • It was also done during their Arise 2 retsufrash: "Once more...I'm arising to kill whoever did this to me."
  • In Darwin's Soldiers, the first RP does a title drop with the last line of the last post.

Neku: This is more...than anything I could have asked for. From now on...we're a team. We are, I guess, in a way...Darwin's Soldiers. The next evolution of warriors...


Protagonist: Explicitly stating the moral of the story, and awkwardly working in...the Movie Title.

  • Orion's Arm is in fact set in that arm of our galaxy but the real title drop is the mention of a worldbuilding project in the setting meant to simulate the world of Orion's Arm which is itself named Orion's Arm.
  • The Nostalgia Critic references Title Drop by name in his review of My Pet Monster, pointing out its blatant use in that as well as in The Lord of the Rings movies.
    • Among Phelous's many running gags is "Name...Drop!" when a title is mentioned mid-movie...though more often it's inverted to highlight something silly, like using the wrong name.
  • The attack launched by the big bad of Chaos Fighters II-Cyberion Strike is called as such.
  • In Blogger Beware, whenever the book does a Title Drop, Troy deliberately cites another book's title. Except once in the I'm your Evil Twin review.
    • Or in some cases he uses the actual title in a way that's grammatically inappropriate, such as "Max doesn't believe he really Let's Got Invisible.".
  • Parodied hilariously in the (fake) Pac Man trailer.

Police Officer: It seems to be some kind of man...some kind of Pac Man.

  • Ed Glaser's series Deja View has a title drop every episode worked in as a pun. For example, in Turkish Captain America:

Ed Glaser: "So get ready for a triple-punch of Red, White...and Deja View.


"Police Officer:" Baggies! I've seen these before. Ohhhh, this is evidence! Evidence of... A DOOM HOUSE!
Reginald P. Linux: A doom house?
"Police Officer:" A doom house.


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