Tokyo Godfathers

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Tokyo Godfathers is a 2003 Anime movie directed by Satoshi Kon; the film is heavily based on the silent movie The Three Godfathers, which is about a trio of bandits who discover a foundling. This dramatic comedy is a stark departure from Kon's more mind-bending works, but it lacks none of his atmospheric touch, keen social commentary, and insight on the human condition.

Three homeless people -- Gin (the Jerk with a Heart of Gold), Hana (a transsexual) and Miyuki (a runaway girl who doesn't fit any of the usual Japanese teenage girl tropes) -- find an abandoned baby while digging through trash and spend Christmas Eve looking for its missing parents.

Contains a lot of Contrived Coincidences (miracles, really, but always within the realm of possibility), but that's kind of the point. In the meantime, viewers get a glimpse of a side of Tokyo that is rarely seen in anime.

Tropes used in Tokyo Godfathers include: