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Putting out the dumpster fire on the Donald Trump page

Summary by Labster

Trump deserves some villain tropes for trying to overthrow the government

NormAtredies (talkcontribs)


I think there is a problem on a trope that needs more moderator oversight and a more even-handed approach in my opinion.

Even despite moderator oversight (Robkelk and LooneyTunes have overseen and posted ideas of their own on that thread), the page for troping Donald Trump and discussions related keeps degenerating into a one-sided hate session that breaks the rules of All The Tropes. They try to apply villain tropes to Donald Trump despite the rules for those tropes and the website saying that hero and villain tropes aren't to be used for real people (trope that have been suggested or added include Karma Houdini and Shut Up, Hannibal). For reference here are the threads in question. Warning, they are long.

I hope that this problem can be resolved (and hope I don't face backlash for reporting a moderator).