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Thank you for registering and editing

Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

However, your proposed edit to User profile:New Scott cawthon fnaf has been rejected in moderation for multiple reasons, most prominently copyright infringement -- it appears to be a copy of two articles (or one article in English and Russian) from another wiki which has been crudely pasted into the edit window with little to no care for markup other than image links. This also makes it a violation of our style guidelines, and the use of Russian text makes it a violation of our language policy as well.

Before you resubmit your content, we recommend you read and take to heart the following pages:

We also strongly recommend that you read How We Do Bans Around Here. This isn't a threat -- this is the wiki policy strictly controlling how and when user bans can be applied by an Admin. We want you to be aware that unlike TVT, we do not ban users on whims or because we're cranky -- and that you know what we do ban people for, and what it takes, so you can avoid future problems. However, because your proposed edit was rejected for copyright infringement, we regret to inform you that you are already the recipient of a formal warning per that policy page. Any further attempt to post infringing content in the wiki will result first in a temporary ban and then a permanent ban.

We also have concerns about your usename, which appears to claim (falsely) that you are developer Scott Cawthon. Because All The Tropes is explicitly intended to be friendly to creators, we do not permit users to fraudulently claim to be those creators. If you cannot provide proof to the staff that you are, in fact, Scott Cawthon, your account may be banned on the grounds of falsely impersonating him.

Please reply in this thread and acknowledge receipt of the requests and warnings above.

Thank you.

-- Looney Toons, admin

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