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Total Drama Island's cast got so big that the page had to be split into several pages. This page is for the miscellaneous characters.


The Showbiz Schemer

"What's wrong with you people?! This is "Total Drama," not "Total Forgive and Forget!"


'Cody: "Who's that girl again?"
Blaineley: "What?? Who am I? Who am I?!? Who are you?!"


Voiced by: Carla Collins


Blaineley (Real Name: Mildred O'Halloran) is a Gemmie Award nominated television personality and the current roving reporter for the Total Drama World Tour Aftermath show. Formerly a co-host of the entertainment news show, Celebrity Manhunt, Blaineley feels her current position is beneath her, considers Aftermath hosts Geoff and Bridgette amateurs, and views the rest of past and present Total Drama competitors (except Alejandro and, possibly, Justin) to be losers. Despite this, she seeks to make the most of her situation by doing what she's best at: providing the "drama" in Total Drama. As long as there's a way to create conflict at the expense of others, she'll do so. It is this mentality that eventually led to her downfall.

DJ's Momma


Voiced by: Clé Bennett


She is DJ's mother, who cares about him a little too much.

  • Bankruptcy Barrel: When her cooking show goes bust in the Action special.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices / Talking to Herself: She is voiced by Clé Bennett, who also voices DJ.
  • Edible Ammunition: She throws a tomato at Geoff in "The Aftermath: II".
  • Lethal Chef: Averted and played straight. She has a special seasoning[1] which can make anything palatable, even Chef's disgusting food; however, in the Action special, she and DJ have their own cooking show, and her cooking turns out to be literally lethal.
  • Nice Hat

The Bear

A brown grizzly bear living on the island who is frequently used as an obstacle during challenges.


A yeti-like creature native to the island who plays a role similar to the bear.

The Interns

The men (and occasionally women) who are forced to test every single one of Chris' sadistic challenges.


The Reporter

"Oooh! I can't wait to see those kitties tear their claws into the red carpet! Rawr!"


Voiced by: Dwayne Hill


Josh was the co-host of Celebrity Manhunt with Blaineley. He likes watching drama unfold and is extremely giddy when he sees catfights. Currently his only appearance is in the "TDA Celebrity Manhunt Special".


A mutated shark with the ability to walk on land.

  1. Hungarian paprika
  2. the intern with the brown hair and hat (the one based on Duncan's first prototype design); his name was given in the first special
  3. the intern based on Tyler's first prototype design.