Total Drama Remake Fanfic Series/Characters

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This is a list of some the characters in the fanfic series.

Anne Maria

A Tough Girl with a Big Heart

"Yeah! Who's the sharpest tool on the Christmas tree now?"

Anne Maria is a tough competitor, but she's willing to help out a friend in need, even during a challenge.

  • The Only One I Trust: She's Mike closest friend because she's the first one who discovers he's a hybrid.

Cody Anderson

Half-Human, Half-Pokemon

"A million dollars is okay, but having a hot girlfriend is even better!"

Cody is just your average teenage boy ...with the exception of being half-Pokemon.


A Serperior in Human Clothing

"Does anybody want to swap?"

Kira was never a normal Pokemon the moment she was extracted from a video game. But that doesn't stop her from blending in with society. Kira's a huge fan of Linkin Park, the Lemony Snicket book series, Doctor Who, and several other "Earth" interests. Kira is always with her sister-like friend, Zoey, but when the girl genius competed in Total Drama, Kira decided to use her Dream Capsule to visit Sinnoh in order to kill some time. There, her boyfriend, Mitch, dumped her and she befriended a Pokemon trainer named Jin Mae. Her adventure in Sinnoh ended when she was able to stay with Zoey on Total Drama. During her time on the show, Kira was countlessly outcasted by Chris, who only saw her as a "non-human". Not happy with the lack of respect, Kira decided to compete on the fourth season, Total Drama Reloaded, using her Dream Capsule as a form of payback.

Kira: (to Dakota) Chris is right. Now take your treasoning butt out of here and head back to Playa Des Losers where you belong.
Sam: Whoa, watch the language, Kira.

  • Super Reflexes: She uses them to win the laser tag challenge for her team in Chapter 5 of TDR: My Version.


Happy on the Outside, Depressed on the Inside

"Whoa, one of us is a pants-wetter?"

Mike's the son of legendary Pokemon Suicune, but he isn't too happy about it. He sees it as more of a curse than a gift.

  • Break the Cutie: When his Poke-Puberty begins, he becomes very depressed, worried if the others would accept him for what he really is.
  • Emo Teen: He becomes one when he changes his look to match his mood.

Zoey Crystals

The Girl Genius

"Can YOU recite pi to the hundredth decimal?"

When Zoey was born, her parents were shocked to discover they gave birth to the world's first ever super genius. Since then, Zoey often uses her spare time to construct complex devices perfectly. Her biggest accomplishment has been an underground lab below Bryant Park...on her tenth birthday. From a portable wardrobe to hovering roller skates, Zoey has invented everything she needs on a daily basis. She also wishes to promote her inventions to the world, so when her mom mentioned the Total Drama Fanatics Contest, Zoey grabbed the family video camera and created a video documentary about her life for an audition tape. This was apparently enough for her to win the contest, allowing her to compete on the show.