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Towa no Quon is a new[when?] animated film directed by the late Umanosuke Iida (with Takeshi Mori, of Vandread fame, acting as "collaborative director" in his place) and produced by Studio BONES. The six-part anime film brings together an all-star voice cast with Hiroshi Kamiya (Otonashi of Angel Beats!) voicing the title character and Saori Hayami of Clannad fame voicing his battle partner.

In a futuristic Tokyo, unique human beings are developing strange abilities and are being hunted by a mysterious organization known as Custos. Known as "Attractors", these humans join forces to defend themselves and create a place where they can live in peace, led by a boy named Quon, an idealist who is determined to save all the Attractors he can.

Sentai Filmworks announced during the 2011 Anime Weekend Atlanta that they have licensed the film series and is currently broadcasting it on their Anime Network subtitled on a biweekly basis starting on Thursday, October 13th. A DVD and Blu-Ray release is expected to follow shortly afterwards.

Tropes used in Towa no Quon include: