Tribe Twelve/Headscratchers

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    • So, Noah have this feeling that your house won't be safe on his birthday, so what does he do? He goes to the hotel and check out the exact same room he was attacked just a week before. This seems like the worse idea I've ever heard of. He'd be safer at home!
      • Not really, since he's also been attacked at home too, not to mention all the devices and packages left around his house, and the Slender-sightings in and around it. With the hotel room there is only one entrance, it's essentially just one room, so there's less places for someone to hide. Sure it's useless against Slenderman, but then again with him nowhere is safe; not your house, not a hotel room, not a sealed airplane.
        • Still, there must of been a safer idea then going where you were just attacked. As long as it wasn't the boardwalk or the woods, he'd be better off.
          • Where though? He knew the hotel room, he didn't have a lot of money, and he was freaked out of his mind. He just wanted to get somewhere away from home, and didn't know where else to go. The hotel was close and he knew it would have vacaancy. The last thing he wanted to do was be driving around unfamilar locales and running into Slendy. So no, there was no safer ideas. He knew nowhere else in the area to stay at, and trying to find somewhere else would have been a risk in and off itself.
          • The same room though? He was just attacked there last week.
          • Since we've now seen the footage of what happened before that video, he just shot Slender Man four times and Slendy reacted by just crossing the distance between them in a second. He clearly wasn't thinking straight, and went to the most familar place he knew of. He was also attacked many months before. It still was the best option he had on account of Slendy just being able to appear wherever he wants.