Trickster Online

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Next Sunday A.D., an old eccentric named Don Cavalier, who is the owner of Megalo Company, passes away. In his will, he declares that his vast fortune will be shared with everyone who decides to participate in his magnum opus, a Defictionalized MMORPG taking place on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean. However, there seems that there is something more to it than that.

And so various adventurers make their way to the island, all with their own reasons for seeking a fortune. And that's where your place in this story begins.

Trickster Online shared a lot of similarities with Ragnarok Online, though the mechanics were fairly different and it had quests in place of monster grinding like most modern MMORPGs. Also ingrained in the game was a system that allows people to drill for things underground. And everyone started off looking Little Bit Beastly due to entry requiring this.

The game was shut down on January 2014.

Tropes used in Trickster Online include: