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    The books will be turned into...

    • Comic books for mass production, the stories good enough.
      • That or a novel with illustrations.

    The real truth of Dan and Aurora is..

    • Dan is really a god of time and Aurora is really a goddess of dreams, thus explaining their bizzare powers and all the weird sh*t that goes on with them.
      • I agree with Aurora being a goddess of dreams or something but not Dan, he isn't showing the 'signs' of godhood. She however has ALOT of them - strange personality shifts, can be everywhere at once (through her clones), is tied to the Astral Plane, and has dream powers.
      • No Dan has signs - he isn affected by the sychte's influcence, he has one of the more powerful abilities, and his past is a mystery. Oh and lets not forget he is found inside the creepy obleisk!!

    Jay & Sabella's child..

    • Will end up as the mortal body of the goddess Grala.
      • Well if the new story is any clue I doubt she would be mortalized in such a fashion.

    Scythe is Evil

    • I think Darkstar is really a Big Bad waiting in the wings...after the vampire incdent he seems creepier and more vauge than before.
      • He maybe the next big antagnosit but he still rocks!

    Dragons are aliens

    • Dragons are so different from everyone else according to the big wiki page that they are so strange that they MUST be aliens.