Trope Overdosed the Webcomic

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    Trope Overdosed: The Webcomic is a webcomic devoted to TV Tropes. The site has been down since 2013, with wiki pages like this the only record of its ephemeral existence.

    The concept of the webcomic is simple, every strip is some sort of example of a trope. It could be any sort of playing around with the trope, including the characters simply explaining it while in a situation that involves it.

    The main characters are Alice and Bob.

    It's just starting up as of right now[when?] and its author is planning on being its Entry Pimp until it can get famous enough for him to not need to, if it ever does. He has pretty much stopped, though, because other people have pretty much replaced him in doing this, and he's lazy.

    It's made partially in Garry's Mod and partially by way of drawings made by one of the author's friends since the author can't draw.

    Its obvious goal is to reach Trope Overdosed status, but that hasn't happened just yet.

    Tropes used in Trope Overdosed the Webcomic include: