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The Kung-Fu Kub, Kubfu in all their cuteness!

A bear, a bear-like creature, or someone who incorporates a bearish motif that is undeniably adorable can be said to be Beary Cute. Most of the characters who exemplify the trope seem to resemble or are a teddy bear. The characters that exhibit this trait show innocence, but there are some that show negative traits.

Although, they might be lovable there is more than meets the eye. They might just be a cutesy killer bear, which can be bad news. They could be little badass despite their adorable nature.

Contrast with Bears are Bad News, which shows the more violent nature of bears.

Examples of Beary Cute include:


  • Snuggle Bear is the mascot for the Snuggle brand; the bear is not only cute but also soft to show how good the brand's fabric softener works.

Anime and Manga

  • Kuma-san, from Super Kuma-san, is a living teddy bear who acts as a superhero in a quaint town to bring justice and peace. He does seem to become fiercer when angered but calms himself when he realizes what harm he can cause. He also does dances to music with the park clown to bring child joy.
  • Rilakuma and Korilakkuma, from Rilakuma and Kaoru, are teddy bear creatures who live in an apartment with a salary woman named Kaoru. They often laze around the house and eat snacks, especially honey pancakes, but do give some relief in Kaoru's day-to-day life.
  • Mofurun, from Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure, was an average teddy bear, but thanks to magic, she came to life. She can sense magic and the Linkle Stones. She is also the means for the duo's transforming into Pretty Cure with the help of a Linkle Stone that determines their form. In the movie, with the help of the Wishing Stone, Mofurun become a Cure herself with a bear motif.
  • Enforced in Killing Bites, the Giant Panda Brute, Wang Aizhen, who uses here cuteness to appeal to the audience. This attribute uses the Cute Response caused by panda's physical characteristics such as the monochromatic coloration, their sizeable rounded head, and their limbs and torso being short while stocky. They can carry these traits from when they are a cub to when they are adults, which is scientific proof of the popularity of pandas. Wang still has the hybrid body of a panda, which gives the same strength and ferocity of a bear. She also combines her bearish form with her expertise in martial arts.
  • Symbolized in Yuri Kuma Arashi, the bears and the lesbian relationships are an allegorical parallel of Japan's view of homosexuality with bears' depiction in popular media. Bear tends to have a cuteness to them in pop culture, but in reality, they can be very dangerous. Japan's view of lesbians, while having a large amount of media such as anime and manga with a positive outlook; in reality, they would have trouble gaining acceptance within the conservative society of Japan.
  • Xiao-Mei, from Fullmetal Alchemist, is the small pet panda fo May Chang while also being her traveling companion. She has a stunted stature due to a disease which led to being abandoned by her pack. Xiao-Mei saves May Chang, which sparked their bond. Despite being so small, she is rather protective of May Chang. She acts as minor comic relief as she mimics May's actions from practicing alkahestry to performing martial arts.
  • Kumamon, from Digimon Frontier, is Beastman Digimon that looks like a small bear made of snow in green armor. He has power over Ice inherited from AncientMegatheriummon. His attacks revolve around ice and often seen carrying a snowball launcher as his weapon. Kumamon also has precision during combat, along with survivalist knowledge that shows his stable and reliable position.
  • Yuna, from Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear, was a hikikomori while playing her VRMMO, she gains the choice of selecting a chest. Her prize is a set of bear equipment such as a bear suit, with bear hand puppets. The items look more like a costume, but they have overpowered stats and skills. After accepting the bear equipment, she is transported to a fantasy world with only the armaments as her only clothes. While looking ridiculous, she is more powerful to any inhabitant of the world. Her magic is also potent when it seems more like a bear compared to a form that's not ursine.
  • Subverted with Bear-Man, from One Piece, who is a Gifter who has eaten the Bear SMILE Fruit. His form depicts the hybrid form of a Zoan Fruit while showing a rather adorable appearance. However, due to eating a SMILE Fruit, he still has his human face in the muzzle reveals when opened.
  • In BNA: Brand New Animal, The Bears are a team of mostly Bear Beastmen in the Anima City Baseball League. They are rather cute and innocent but inexperienced in the game while also competing against cheating opponents. While they are dumb and gullible, the team often finds fun while playing the game. When their city under a wave of strife due to Nirvasyl Syndrome, the Bears didn't succumb to the condition and even helped with the beastmen ailed by the affliction.


  • Lotso, from Toy Story 3, is a Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear, which is a series of teddy bears that are pink and scented with a strawberry fragrance. He acts as the friendly caretaker of the daycare and introduces the toys to their new life. While he has a pleasing appearance, his friendliness is a facade and is rather evil due to being abandoned and replaced by another toy Lots-o' Huggin' Bear. He lords over the Sunnyside Daycare like a prison while seeming to be a kind caregiver on the first impression.

Oral Tradition, Folklore, Myths and Legends

Video Games

  • Teddiursa, from the second generation of Pokemon, is the Little Bear Pokemon that resembles a brown teddy bear with a crescent moon on their head. It is known for feasting on honey, and their crescent mark glows when it finds honey. They evolve into Ursaring, which gives it a fiercer form while also having a larger appetite.
    • Cubchoo, introduced in Generation V, is the Chill Pokemon that looks like a cute white bear cub with mucus dripping from its snout. Their nose is always running and can act as a barometer for their health. Their evolved form is Beartic that looks like a polar bear with frozen spikes of ice that hangs from their lower jaw.
    • Pancham, introduced in Generation VI, is the Playful Pokemon that resembles a little panda chewing on a leaf. They have a habit of emulating the behavior of Pangoro, which are the Panchams' evolved forms. Pancham often tries to look intimidating but are too cute to look serious. Despite trying to look frightening, it can help but smile whenever the Playful Pokemon gets patted on the head.
    • Stufful, introduced in Generation VII, is the Flailing Pokemon that looks like a pink quadruped teddy bear. Despite their small size, they have an amazing amount of strength that can even knock out well-trained Pokemon. Their evolved form, Bewear, is also very cute that it resembles a Japanese Mascot. They are rather friendly, but due to their strength being massively increased, it crosses to bad news for those they try to share their love.
    • Kubfu, introduce in Generation VIII and pictured above, is the Wushu Pokemon, who resembles a gray teddy bear with a white headband-hair. They train their body and mind even after defeat. The Pokemon is the "sacred armor" of the Master Dojo. They are rather timid, but they can grow more courageous and confident through training. Both of their evolved forms are shows a more serious and fierce nature compared to their pre-evolved form.
  • Clark Wonderbot, from Inazuma Eleven Go 2: Chrono Stone, is an android that looks like a blue teddy bear. Whenever he gets excited, his skin turns pink which happens during soccer matches. He can be very serious while also having a habit of explaining things. He often becomes upset when he tries to coach a match but ends up being taken by a random person. He also dislikes being called a bear but is often dubbed on. In-game, he acts as a potent striker with stats for it and powerful shoot Hissatsu.
  • Teddie, from Persona 4, is a bear-like creature that resembles a living mascot that the Investigation Team first meets in the Midnight Channel. He acts as a guide for the world while also giving support in battle. Later on, he gains a Persona along with a human form. It is later revealed that he was once a Shadow but developed into a form so that humans could like him more than his previous form.
  • In Sands of Destruction, there are two types of Bear Ferals which one type looks like humanoid bears while the other resemble teddy bears. Taupy Topuran is a Teddy Bear Feral, while cute can hold himself in a fight.
  • The Mana of Life, from Mana Khemia, that inhabits and brings to life the teddy bear held by Pamela Ibis. The Mana is contracted with her, which allows her to continue living as a ghost.

Web Animation

  • Molly Blyndeff, from Epithet Erased, is a 12-year-old who has a bear motif through hair loops styled like bear ears and her custom made bear hoodie. There is also her minion nickname of Bear Trap from Giovanni as one of his minions.

Western Animation

  • The Care Bears are technicolor teddy bear-like bears with a Belly Badge that is specialized symbols on their bellies that relates to their personality. They often help children on Earth, along with countering plans of any evil being.
  • Fluffy and Uranus, from Duckman, are a pink and blue teddybear-esque office assistants to the titular protagonist. They are both cute to an exaggerated level along with their politically correct nature. While they wish to help Duckman act better, the two can come off as needlessly politically correct, which can lead to more sympathy towards Duckman's annoyance.
  • Andy Panda has the titular cute panda cub going on different adventures around the world in his filmography. Later on, he became supplemented with Woody Woodpecker's cast of character, which has made appearances in modern cartoons featuring the woodpecker.
  • Winnie-the-Pooh is a yellow anthropomorphic teddy bear who wears a red shirt that acts rather simple and often eats honey. He lives in the 100-Acre Woods, where he often plays with Christopher Robin along with his other friends.
  • 5.0.5, from Villainous, is a large blue bear with a yellow flower growing out of his head. He a failed experiment created by Dr.Flug but shows invulnerability. He often tried to help anyone around him but can get scared rather easily. These traits are likely reasons why the villain, Black Hat, doesn' t like him but seems to find favor in his invulnerability.

Other Media