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The Black Egyptian Hypothesis holds that Ancient Egypt was a majority black society with black rulers and was primarily backed by black nationalists. The theory was never particularly well supported, disdained by scholars, and was thoroughly debunked in the 2010s with DNA tests of pharaohs and uncovering of mummies with blonde and red hair. Despite this ill researched fiction continues to cling to the idea. Some works even go as far as to apply this to Cleopatra, even though it's well established she was a Greek, descended from prominent Greeks, whose ancestors/predecessors didn't even know the Egyptian language and clearly has Caucasian features in period art.

Related to History Marches On.

We need to discuss the difference between Egyptians and Nubians before moving this out of the Trope Workshop.
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  • Assassin's Creed Origins is set in Ancient Egypt and rolls in this trope. The claims it makes of historical accuracy are also flushed down the toilet when its supposedly non-fiction gallery redraws historic art as evidence for ancient Egypt having gender equality. Even if this claim is accurate, making a forgery to support it is a good way to destroy credibility.

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