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Burst enemies' bubbles with bubbles!

Bubble Blower is the superpower that involves creating and manipulating bubbles. It sounds rather useless, but they can actually be formidable, depending on the bubbles along with the user’s application. This power can be a subset of controlling water, but other liquids can be used to make bubbles. Depending on the bubble, it can have different effects on the target. One common application would be trapping a person in a bubble. Some characters would even use some sort of device to make the bubbles.

Examples of Bubble Blower include:

Anime and Manga

  • Bubble, from My Hero Academia, is Kaoruko Awata's Quirk, where she can make a bubble that filled with an aroma she has previously smelled. She usually uses her bubbles as a distraction so that she can restrain a target.
  • Caesar Zeppeli, from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, uses bubbles to channel his Hamon into creating projectiles. One technique he uses against Joseph is to launch multiple bubbles that come together and traps him in a giant bubble. There is also how he can use his bubbles in different ways through Hamon, such as making a barrier or making bubbles be able to slice.
    • Soft & Wet is Josuke Higashikata's Stand that can create a starred bubble that can steal an attribute from a target. These bubbles can also be used to trapped a person or as a barrier for Josuke. It can also make bubbles from existing liquid but lack the effects produced by the stand. Later on, due to being a fusion of another Stand, it can create bubbles that explode on physical contact.
  • Kalifa, from One Piece, has the power of Bubble-Bubble Fruit, which is a Paramecia type that allows the user to emit and control soap bubbles for their body. The bubbles can clean off more than dirt like their strength. This effect would leave a target in a clean, shiny, and smooth state where they can barely walk. The bubbles can also be condensed into a giant bar of soap for defense. The bubbles can also make her slippery for increased mobility.
  • Eliade, from D.Gray Man, was Leve 2 Akuma, who can produce bubbles that can absorb the moisture of anything it touches or trapped within it. When she releases her power or if she dies, the bubbles will burst, thus releasing their absorbed humidity.
  • Ukataka, from Naruto, uses Soap Bubble ninjutsu by using a bubble blowing relic, but he can create them without it. His bubbles can explode on contact or manipulate to explode. He can also create explosive bubbles filled with ink that immobilize and even kill opponents that leave no trace of them. There also how Utataka can create an enormous bubble as a form of transport or a barrier.
  • Bubbles, from Powerpuff Girls Z, uses a giant bubble wand where she can make bubbles that can be used as a form of attack or defense. She also seems to have the power to purify the Black Z monsters with her bubbles as well. There is also when she absorbs energy from Blossom and Buttercup, where she can create a giant bubble that, when popped, reveals an enormous metal weight that can crush anything under it.
  • Seti, from Sakigake!! Otokojuku, is able to blow bubbles made from sulfuric acid. These bubbles burst on contact to shower a target in acid. He can also trap his opponent in a giant bubble.

Oral Tradition, Folklore, Myths and Legends

Video Games

  • The Bubble Copy Ability, from Kirby: Squeak Squad, has the power to use bubbles to turn enemies into bubbles. Depending on the enemy, they can change into an Ability Bubble (which is a bubble that contains a Copy Ability) or a bubble that holds items like Treasure or for health.
  • Mizutsune, from Monster Hunter Generations, is a Leviathan type Monster that can breathe bubbles and produce them from its fur. The bubbles when it hits a hunter, it can give them the Bubbleblight ailment, which can cause the Hunter to slide if hit by more bubbles. It can also give Evasion+1 and Constitution+1 to a Hunter. There is also how the Mizutsune can use the bubbly foam from its fur to slide around the area.
  • Nora, from Skylanders: Trap Team, is a water dragon who can create explosive bubbles of water. She can also create a bubble barrier around her that can absorb damage and explodes on command or when enough damage is done.

Western Animation

  • The Bubbler, from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, is the Akumatized form of Nino. He can create different types of bubbles from his giant bubble wand. He can create purple bubbles that can chase and capture people. He can also make bubbles that can create a fiery explosion on impact. There is also how he can project his image and talk through them. He has complete control over them as well.

Other Media