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Chaos Control is a superpower where a person can control disorder, which is paradoxical but ironically occurs anyway. Cosmic entities of chaos such as Anthropomorphic Personifications and Gods and other beings would have such power, and we list them below. Entities like these can even be empowered by chaos as well. For purposes of simplicity, Chaos Control will refer to the deities unless it's decided to split the tropes between the superpower and the deities.

The power would be manipulating chaotic forces that can range from control over probability to altering reality. These superpowers do not always involve controlling chaos but could be related to it, such as being empowered by it. However, this ability has a weakness: powers of order can counter chaos.

The name is derived from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, where Chaos Control is one of the many powers granted by the Chaos Emeralds.

The superpower version of Entropy and Chaos Magic.

Examples of Chaos Control include:

Anime and Manga

  • Nrvnqsr Chaos from Tsukihime is a Dead Apostle who is a living mass of chaos and doesn’t identify himself as a physical being. This chaos allows him to birth various organisms and makes Nrvnqsr difficult to kill under normal conditions.
  • In The Seven Deadly Sins, Chaos is a primordial entity that creates the world and the five races from nothing. When King Arthur awakens as the King of Chaos, this causes him to unconsciously alter reality due to lacking control over his power. He grows in proficiency while fighting Cath Palug, which leads him to accept his new power. After devouring King Arthur’s arm, Cath Palug gains a fragment of Chaos, which gives him similar control over reality.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, Chaos is an innate power within humanity and Barians.  Chaos Xyz Evolution uses Chaos to evolve Xyz Monsters. Chaos Draw is an ability used by Barians to draw a card they need in duels.
  • The Lord of Nightmares from the Slayers series is the creator of the four worlds. She is also the Sea of Chaos that makes up the universe, meaning she’s omnipotent.
  • Sailor Moon Stars arc in both the anime and manga have different explanations for what Chaos is.
    • The manga explains that Chaos is an abstract being that takes the form of different concrete villains to spread discord and destruction. It technically exists within the Cauldron of Stars, and destroying the Cauldron would destroy Chaos. Sailor Cosmos is supposed to be locked in an eternal battle with Chaos, only she burned out and fled to the past to find another solution with Sailor Moon's help, posing as her little sister Chibi-Chibi. Sailor Moon is urged to destroy the Cauldron, except it would also destroy new life. She opts to purify it instead, sacrificing her physical form and reviving everyone in Crystal Tokyo. Chaos is still out there, but significantly more depowered..
    • In the anime, it's explained that Galaxia attempted to purify the universe by gathering all of its Chaos into her body, believing she could control it. That ended up not working; if you try to get rid of all Chaos, it would corrupt you from the inside out for its goals. When Galaxia realized she was becoming corrupted, she sent out her Star-seed, the Light of Hope, to find help before she would destroy the entire universe. This Star-seed would take the form of Chibi-Chibi after locating Sailor Moon. While Sailor Moon is urged to destroy Galaxia and Chaos with it, and she certainly tries at first with her wand and then the Sword of Sealing, she realizes that you can't destroy an inert force of evil without destroying its source: sapient minds from humans and aliens alike. Instead, she uses her powers to purify Galaxia, and dissipate Chaos, as well as the Light of Hope. As she explains, humans need both Chaos and hope in their heart, and to share the burden rather than center it in one person.

Comic Books

  • Entropy is the son of Eternity and represents the Marvel Universe’s entropy with powers stronger than Eternity.
    • Lord Chaos is a being that personifies the concept of chaos through the universe, thus having vast cosmic powers.
    • The In-Betweener is the physical embodiment of the balance of order and chaos, which allows him to manipulate these two forces


  • In Sonic 2, it's explained that a human possessing a Chaos Gem will become this, and that's not a good thing. In the climax, Dr. Robotnik uses the Chaos Gem to empower his mecha and start reforming the town to his liking, breaking up the roads and the buildings. Even when Sonic, Tails and Knuckles work as a team, he ends up swatting them like flies. Sonic has to assume his Golden Form to destroy the mecha.


  • Eris from the Percy Jackson series is the Greek Goddess of Chaos, Strife, and Discord, where she has dominion over her namesakes.
    • Set from the Kane Chronicles is the Egyptian God of Chaos that his strength is tied with Osiris and Horus. He can gain more power from anything that causes chaos like storms and can become nigh invincible.
    • Apophis is the manifestation of chaos itself, where his power is on an apocalyptic level. His mere presence can cause chaos to radiate around him and can splinter reality into alternate layers.
  • Chaos also appears in Magic Shop. Posing as Mr. Elives's wife, "Iris" actually Eris sells Juliet Dove a Clingy MacGuffin necklace that makes guys interested in her. Juliet doesn't want this at all, especially since she's super-shy.

Live-Action TV

  • Black Guardian from the Doctor Who series embodies the force of chaos in the universe and uses this element throughout it.
    • The Trickster from Sarah Jane Chronicles feeds on chaos by making changes within the timeline.

Oral Tradition, Folklore, Myths and Legends


  • The Heart of Gold, a spaceship in the Hitchhikers Guide franchise, is able to harness the chaotic forces of improbable events (such as people randomly turning into penguins) into a source of propulsion.

Tabletop Games

  • Warhammer 40,000’s Chaos is a metaphysical force of physical and spiritual changes that can corrupt but is not necessarily evil. Different beings like Demons use this force, but the most potent is the Chaos Gods.


  • In the Hatchetfield franchise, namely in Black Friday, Wiggly is an abstract force of this, who speaks through numerous Tickle-Me-Wigglys as well as Uncle Wiley. Wiggly has humanity orchestrate its birth onto the planet of Earth; when that fails thanks to sisters Hannah and Lex fighting back when the cultists capture them at different times in the play, Wiggly tricks the President into firing a nuclear missile at Russia and starting World War III. With that said, as the survivors of the Black Friday massacre gather and wait for midnight to pass, the clairvoyant Hannah sings that she sees a possible tomorrow, that it might come. The play ends before we know for certain if the world is ending.

Video Games

  • The Trope Namer of Chaos Control from Sonic the Hedgehog series is a technique that manipulates time and space by using energy from the Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles is the canonical guardian of the Chaos Gem, but unlike most examples on this page, he doesn't let the power corrupt him. Indeed, one of his duties is to ensure that no one else can use the Gem for destructive purposes.

Western Animation

  • GOLB, from Adventure Time, is a deity related to chaos from another dimension. He can create wraiths of discord from his breath and digest items in their original state, but GOLB is weak to harmony.
  • In Martin Mystery, the Chaos Beast is a manifestation of chaos sealed in an old box. It has several abilities that defy physics that can cause various calamities.

Other Media