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Chaos is the unpredictability that naturally occurs throughout the universe. It is something that contrasts the concept of order where most would try to defy it. There are some; however, that would instead flow with this random element rather than seek out stability. Some entities can even manipulate chaos not by causing an event but by supernaturally making it happen. Chaos Control is a superpower where a person can controlling chaos, which is a paradox but ironically occurs anyway. It’s like a contradiction showing chaos in a certain way. The power would be manipulating chaotic forces that can range from control over probability to being to alter reality. The character who uses such power often has a disordered personality and may revel in any form of disorder. Some characters would embody the concept of chaos or are some eldritch being.

Examples of Chaos Control include:

Anime and Manga

  • Nrvnqsr Chaos, from Tsukihime, is a Dead Apostle, who is a living mass of 666 creatures similar to the Primordial Sea. He identifies himself as something different from a vampire but more of a space that is chaos. The chaos that makes up his body is like a small world where anything could be born from it. His form comes from his Reality Marble, where he can merge his existence with other living creatures. These creatures can manifest in a physical form from the chaos of his being, which he may not have complete control over. There is also Nrvnqsr’s nature being chaos leading him to be hard to kill under normal conditions.
  • Chaos, from The Seven Deadly Sins, is a primordial entity that creates the world and the five races from nothing. A being known as an impure being of darkness Demons fears and a pure being of light that even the Goddesses worship. It was sealed away by the Demon King and Supreme Deity, which led it to exist in another form known in legends as the Mother of Chaos, where all monsters are born from her.
    • King Arthur awakens as the King of Chaos, which means Chaos coexists within him. He unconsciously alters reality, which he starts with little control over. He grows in proficiency while combatting Cath, which leads him to accept his new power and control over Chaos.
    • Cath Palug, after devouring Arthur’s arm after he becomes King of Chaos. The cat-like monster gains a fragment of Chaos. This piece gives him control over a pocket dimension in his mouth where he can capture targets. There is also how he has gained immortality where he can regenerate his body from pieces. Merlin even states to have become a being that transcends life and death itself. Cath Palug’s defeat happens by being absorbed by Arthur and Cath’s admission of Arthur’s everlasting kingdom being a contradiction of being Chaos.
  • Chaos, from Yugioh Zexal, is an innate power within humanity and Barians. It is said to be a power create from oneself and drives primate life to keep living while protecting others and gives the ability to hope. Chaos also causes negative emotions such as hatred and malice, which can cause suffering from misuse. It can too corrupt denizens of Astral World, which could degenerate them or threaten their life. The power can also ironically heal beings from Astral World as well. The power of Chaos isn’t the same for two beings; an example is how Chaos can give them a potent spirit or turn them crazy. Xyz Monsters can upgrade with Chaos, which allows them to Chaos Xyz Evolution.
  • Lord of Nightmares, from Slayers series, is a being that is neither Mazoku nor Shinzoku and is said to be the creator of the four worlds. Her human form comes in the form of a young blonde woman, while her true form is the Sea of Chaos, which is an infinite golden mass of chaos. She is incapable of being damaged, and nothing is more powerful than her. Two spells call on her power, but there is the danger of where the user can become possessed by the Lord of Nightmares. She is omniscient due to everything coming from her that gives dominion over everything throughout the four worlds.

Comic Books

  • Chaos Magic, from Marvel Comics, is a magic that is unknown even to the Sorcerer Supreme and very powerful. The magic changes the very fabric of existence and reality to the user’s desires, which can bring destruction to the cosmos. It was initially used by Chthon, who ruled Earth as the God of Chaos but ended of sealed about in Mount Wundagore. This place became the birthplace for Wanda Maximoff, who touched Chthon, which gave her a fraction of his power. This event caused her to control her Chaos Energy, which allows her to alter reality beyond recognition. Under the tutelage of Agatha Harkness, Wanda harnesses Chaos Energy into Chaos Magic, where she manifests as her Hexes that have a variety of effects.
    • Ruth Aldin, aka Blindfold, has the power to manipulate events to desired outcomes. Her psychometry helps her navigate and control future events for herself and others to different results.
  • Chaos Energy, from Sonic the Hedgehog comic series, is a mystical energy that can be found in sources like the Chaos Emeralds. This energy can be used to power machines or even individuals to gain various powers. One ability is known as Chaos Control, which manipulates time and space or powers related to energy. It also can be used to achieve a Super-State where their innate powers increase along with getting new ones.

Oral Tradition, Folklore, Myths and Legends

Video Games

  • Chaos, from Final Fantasy XIII-2, is an energy that is a blessing by the goddess Etro. It is, however, a dangerous form of energy due to how it can change the timeline and break history. Those who can command Chaos can gain immense powers. An example is Caius Ballad, who can manipulate it due to holding the Heart of Chaos. He can use powerful and unique magic while also transform into his Eidolon. Caius is also immortal due to being the holder for the Heart of Chaos. There is also how he can control Chaos, where he can make time paradoxes and shape the timeline to what he wants.

Western Animation

  • Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, is the Spirit of Chaos where he wields powerful magic that can cause his namesake with ease. His magic can do almost anything as long as it’s chaotic in some way or form. He was the former ruler of Equestria, where his chaos caused misery until he was sealed by the Elements of Harmony used by Celestia and Luna. Being the Spirit of Chaos, if he acts contrary to his chaotic nature, then he will fade into nothingness.
  • GOLB, from Adventure Time, is a deity related to chaos from another dimension. He is described as a ‘mysterious entity who embodies chaos’ and ‘his presence is felt in every crevice where chaos lurks’. When summoned to Ooo, his breath causes beings unlucky enough to turn into chaotic monsters that can’t be killed but weakened by harmony. GOLB’s one weakness is harmony, which can come in the form of a song, but it’s not enough to destroy him. When Betty fuses with GOLB, the monsters it created were destroyed, which shows some control over chaos in some form.
  • Twin Masters, from Hero: 108, is a being who wishes to bring chaos and destruction to the world. He wields magic powers of chaos that allows him different abilities. Twin Masters’ power can come in the form of hypnotism to controlling nature. He later transforms by using the Lake of Tai-Chi, where Twin Masters becomes capable of controlling the chaos in the universe.
  • Chaos, from Aladdin, is a god-like being who magically spread discord and chaos. He can rewrite reality to what he wants without any rules or limitations. He can even surprise himself with his powers. The only limit he has is Fate’s power as the only force capable of subduing him.
  • The Chaos Beast, from Martin Mystery, is a manifestation of chaos that was sealed in an ancient box. Due to its nature, it has several abilities that defy the laws of physics. When released from the box, the small town in Alberta is terrorized by various calamities like bringing inanimate objects to life, causing strange weather patterns, and turning people into animals.

Other Media