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A cover (or other high profile still image) that features a character taking cover with their back to a wall next to a corner while the audience sees around the corner. This simultaneously allows a frontal shot of the hero, gives the image depth, displays of some manner of antagonist, and conveys a sense of danger.

Examples of Corner Cover include:

Advertising[edit | hide | hide all]

Anime and Manga[edit | hide]

  • The Shintaka Rajima cover had the boy and his dog's backs on the rock wall, they just open a treasure box filled with treasure. Unknown to them, there's pirates behind the rock wall, waiting to ambush them.

Comic Books[edit | hide]

  • The Tomb Raider: Survivor's Crusade #4 comic issue, had Lara perch on an ancient window sill which also functions as a wall. Also, she's aiming her bow and about to shoot an unknown foe.
  • In the Tomb Raider: Arc 4: Spore, had Lara hiding in a store. Her back is to a wall and she has a knife in her hand. Meanwhile, a man is breaking and entering.
  • The Over The Wall cover has the Heroine and her beast friend in the ancient ruins, the beast's back is on the wall. Overhead, a large shadowy hand appears out of nowhere to grab them.

Fan Works[edit | hide]

Film[edit | hide]

Literature[edit | hide]

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Podcasts[edit | hide]

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Radio[edit | hide]

Tabletop Games[edit | hide]

  • Altema Games' Unbroken had an injured adventurer watching as monster slaughter her former companion.

Theater[edit | hide]

Video Games[edit | hide]

  • The title screen of Wolfenstein 3D shows the hero waiting behind a corner prepared to to ambush a guard approaching the corner. The various ports all maintain this, but with serious variation on how much shadow BJ is in.
  • Underrail's cover features a man behind a corner, who is waiting for the right moment to chunk a grenade at some approaching foes.

Western Animation[edit | hide]

Web Animation[edit | hide]

Web Comics[edit | hide]

  • Issue 3 of The Dreamer has Beatrice holding the candle. Her back is to a wall and a painting (of the Boston Massacre), meanwhile some of the King's Regulars can be seen outside from the window as sihouettes.

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