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Superpowers have never been more common yet unique

Superpowers within a setting that usually goes by a universal term by the characters who are bestowed and use them. The powers may come in the form of martial arts, magic, psionics, part of their biology, or some other kind of superpowers. Each person has a power(s) that is normally unique to them, yet ironically, the people's powers are classified into a group occasionally under a name. The individual superpower(s) of the person may have a title from the user that can help describe what it can do. One common feature is how the powers would be put into different categories or types. Depending on the media, a setting can have characters that have one power or a combo platter of powers. When there are people with one power per person then the one person they will only have that power and if they are lucky; they can get a versatile one. The case where a combo platter of powers is possible comes into three forms. The first is where the superpower can have different powers that can be granted. The second is there are different powers within a setting that one person can gain rather than just one superpower. The third form is where the power gives passive abilities when a person has one. The trope can be found in most Eastern media such as anime, manga, and light novels while rarely found in Western pieces of media.

See also Superpower Lottery and Personality Powers.

Examples of Exclusive Powers include:

Anime and Manga

  • Nen from Hunter X Hunter is a technique to use one's aura in different applications. To gain a proper grasp of Nen, one would need to practice the Four Major Principles. Ten is concealing the body with aura where it can give basic defense from emotional and physical attacks. Zetsu is the suppression of aura to the point of transparency. Ren is outputting aura on a high level to increase physical strength and durability. Hatsu is the release of a person's expression of Nen that follows six categories and based on the users' preference. The six categories of auras are born with one of these types, which are Enhancement, Transmutation, Conjuration, Emission, Manipulation, and Specialization. One person is born with one category, but one is not the limit. A person can use more than one category, especially in combination with others. Each category tells how a person can use their aura to create unique abilities:
    • Enhancement uses aura to enhance their bodies and items. The two other categories it's compatible with is Emission and Transmutation
    • Transmutation can changes aura to match the qualities of known matter or an imagined matter. The compatible categories for this category are Enhancement and Conjuration.
    • Emission projects their aura in different ways from the body. Enhancement and Manipulation are compatible categories for Emission.
    • Manipulation uses aura to control living organisms and inanimate objects. Manipulation's compatible categories are Emission and Specialization.
    • Conjuration has aura create objects from it. This category is compatible with Specialization and Transmutation.
    • Specialization utilizes aura unique from the other five categories. One Specialist are the only ones able to use this category, but those with the Manipulation and Conjuration categories can use it later in life.
  • Quirks from My Hero Academia are superhuman powers that usually manifest around the age of four or even when a person is born. They can gain genetically whether from parents and even can have a fusion of the two while also gaining one unrelated to genetic lineage. Quirks fall into three types called Emitter, Transformation, and Mutant. Emitter types can release matter or energy or alter matter in a certain way. Transformation types can make a temporary alteration of their body, whether hardening their bodies or growing into a giant. Mutant types have to a passively active physical mutation that appears on their bodies such as a tail, vine-like hair, or invisibility.
  • Devil Fruits from One Piece gives a certain power to whatever eats it and falls into three types. Paramecia gives an individual to a physical superhuman ability from creating shock waves to having a rubber body. Zoans can transform into an animal, an animal hybrid form, and their original form. Logia has the power to transform themselves into a certain element like fire, light, ice, or smoke.
    • There is also Haki, which is a mysterious power that every living being has in the world of One Piece. Most people may not notice it or fail to awaken the power. Haki can be separated into three types which are Kenbunshoku Haki, Busoshoku Haki, and Haoshoku Haki:
      • Kenbunshoku Haki can give a user a sixth sense around them, which can be used to sense the presence of others. This method of sensing others can help sense their strength, emotions, and attacks. The more advanced users can even gain limited precognition.
      • Busohoku Haki uses one's spirit as either a defense or a means of offense. This involves using Enhancement, Hardening, and Imbuement. Enhancement can give more power to a person's attacks and durability on their body part or body while also being able to bypass Logia and Paramecia Devil Fruit users' defenses. Hardening is the advance step of Enhancement where there are more power and durability. This technique is more distinct due to the coloring on the user's body. Imbuement is another advance technique to Enhancement used on an object the user can imbue in order to increase their offense and durability. This technique can also be used on Logia and Paramecia. Emission is also another advance form of Enhancement that projects their Haki at a short distance. The more advanced form of Emission is Internal Destruction that can be used to destroy Haki in a person's body. There is also how the techniques of Enhancement and Imbuement can be used in combination with Devil Fruit powers either by their attribute physically or object created from them.
      • Haoshoku Haki is a rare form that cannot be gained from training and one in several million people are born with. This type allows a user to exert their willpower over other living beings. Domination is the technique used to dominate another's mind, which can intimidate until frozen with fear and forcing them to obey commands from the user. Disabling is another technique where a user releases a strong burst of Haki that can cause those with a lower will to fall unconscious. Pressure is the method of using an extreme amount of Haki on an object, which results in the breaking of an object.
  • Sigils from Darwin's Game are a power granted by the titular phone app to its players. The app grants a unique yet randomized ability, which means no one would have the same Sigil. There are five types that Sigils can fall under, which are Telekinetic, Metamorphic, Mind Control, Scientific Engineering, and Sense Expansion. Telekinetic involves a Sigil that can manipulate matter or even people. Metamorphic is a power that can make a user's body change an attribute or even the form of it. Mind Control types are Sigils that influence or manipulates a target's mind. Scientific Engineering is a power that can create chemical substances. Sense Expansion can increase the five senses or use their sixth sense.
  • Stands from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure which is usually humanoid Guardian Entities that have a unique power related to the user's personality. They can take on other forms such as locks, guns, and even rope. Sub-stands also exist that come with their abilities related but different from their original Stand.
  • Embryos from Infinite Dendrogram are abilities that players or Masters have in the titular VRMMO. Their forms and powers bases on a Master's personality, actions, and experiences in the game's world. Depending on the personality of the person can determine one of 5 broad types: Arms, Guardner, Chariot, Castle, and Territory. Embryos can also evolve as the player experiences the game, which may give other skills and Types from its initial development.
    • Skills is the name for abilities that Tians, Masters, and monsters gain in the VRMMO. Tians and Masters can gain skills from equipment and jobs while monsters are capable of using them naturally. Masters can also gain skills from their Embryos. Each skill has a level that affects their power and if they can be resited by an opponent. There are three types of skills which are Job, Original, and Sense. Job Skills involve three subtypes, which are General, Characteristics, and Ultimate. General Skills are the skills that can be used regardless of the main job. Characteristic Skills can only be used by a person with a main job in the same grouping. Ultimate Skills are the strongest skills that someone can have and can only be used when the main job is set. Original Skills cannot be found with jobs or equipment and are created by an individual. These skills are normally created by Superior Jobs from the One series or caster type jobs. They can normally be used by the person who created them but can be taught a weaker version to another. Sense Skills are acquired from certain jobs and assist users in actions. A person could be inexperienced with the activities they perform, but this can let them do engineering, cooking, and even piloting a vehicle. Different from other skills, the effectiveness depends on the user's talent and aptitude. This attribute means that the effect can be weak or strong, depending on the user's capability.
    • Magic are techniques that can be used by Tians, Masters, and a subset of monsters. They are in the form of spells with their own level similar to skills. They require MP to use and determines the effect and power based on the user's maximum MP. The level of the spell, the amount of MP, level of magic extension skills, and amount used by magic extension skills are also factors that affect spells. Magic is grouped into attributes depending on their effects. There are three great attributes which are Sky, Earth, and Sea, which has the greatest number of spell compared to others. Sky attribute controls energy and gases, which have lead to a variety of offensive magic. Earth attribute manipulates minerals and solids, which has made a mixture of offensive and defensive magic. Sea attribute uses the manipulation of absorption and decay of energy and liquids, which specializes in defense magic. There are also other attributes, such as healing magic and curses.
  • Justu from Naruto is supernatural arts ninjas use in battle by using their chakra. The technique would require a person forming hand seals while also releasing physical energy and spiritual energy that makes up chakra. Jutsu comes into three categories: Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and Ninjutsu. Here explanations of three:
    • Taijutsu is martial arts or the enhancement of physical abilities. It does not typically need chakra, but techniques can be boosted by it and do not require hand seals. They are executed by directly accessing the physical and spiritual energies that depend on the user’s resilience and strength.
    • Genjutsu are sensory illusions a ninja can cast on a victim by using chakra. The user influences the chakra flow of a target’s nervous system, which affects their five senses to cast an illusion.
    • Ninjutsu are techniques that do not fall into the other two categories. Most ninjutsu requires chakra and hand seals while also having many sub-categories such as weaponry, medical ninjutsu, sealing jutsu, and summoning jutsu. Ninjutsu uses two forms of chakra control to use called Shape Transformation and Nature Transformation. Shape Transformation changes the form and movement of chakra to use a technique where the energy can manifest. Nature Transformation is a technique that can alter the properties of chakra in order to use techniques. The ninjutsu is based on the Five Basic Natures that define chakra natures. The five elemental natures are Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, and Water. It is one technique requiring two components necessary for creating or altering a technique, and the second part is Shape Transformation. There is also Kekkei Genkai, which are jutsu that are inherited from parents and are part of a ninja clan’s technique.
    • Kekkei Genkai are unique techniques based on the wielders' DNA and hereditary within ninja clans. They passed down from generations in a clan and followed three types. Dojutsu is eye powers that can enhance perception or give a certain type of vision, like seeing a person's chakra. Advanced Nature Transformation combines two basic chakra natures to make a new one to use ninjutsu, such as fire chakra and earth chakra making lava chakra. The third type is the manipulation of one's body, such as fusing two bodies, manipulating their bones, or absorbing energy all around them.
  • PSI from Psyren is the ability that Psychicers have that manipulate one's thoughts by over-clocking the brain into three basic types: Burst, Trance, and Rise. Burst is the ability to manipulate the world in a certain way such as telekinesis, pryokinesis, healing, and creating constructs of compressed air. Trance is the ability to manipulate the minds of others and can read minds. Rise is the ability to manipulate the body where one can enhance the five senses, physical strength, speed, endurance, and regeneration from damage.
  • Unique Skills from That Time I Got Reincarnated as A Slime are skills that certain individuals can possess. They are unique even if they have similar or the same names, but each has subtle differences from each person. An Otherworlder which reincarnates or summoned usually gains such as skill. Another is by evolving an Extra Skill through training or combining it with another Extra Skill.
  • Abnormalities or Skills from Medaka Box are superhuman abilities possessed by a few humans and categorized as Abnormals. Individuals who possess such power know a Skill Holder. They manifest internally, and user's bodies rarely project them.
    • Minuses are Abnormalities that are warped because of mental negativity. Unlike regular Abnormalities, projection outside of the body is possible and relate to the mental state. Unlike Abnormalities, scientific analysis for such abilities isn't possible because of how they defy logic and physics.
    • Styles are the manipulation of language for different effects and meant to fight on par to Abnormalities. They are empthetic techniques and are based on understanding emotions from others. A person who uses a Style has a mark on their tounges. A person can either develop a Style or they can be bestowed one from a person who already has this ability. This power isn't exclusive like Abnormalities and even an Abnormal can gain one.
  • Branch of Sin from Deadman Wonderland are blood manipulation powers that Deadmen are granted due to a parasite in their bodies. Each Branch of Sin uses blood in a different way with creating and firing a bullet of blood, scythes of blood, and even bombs.
  • Magical Rights from Book of Bantorra is an individual magic that a person possesses where one person has one. It is one part of Magic where Magic Deliberation is used before in the form of a mantra or chant that contains reversals of logic. They usually used to increase the effect of a Magical Right.
  • Breath Styles from Demon Slayer Yaiba are styles of swordsmanship taught and practiced in the Demon Slaying Corp. Demon Slaying Corp. uses them to fight Demons while using Nichirin Blades in order to slay demons. They are all derived from the Breath of the Sun, which is the first one created. There are six derivative Breaths, which are Fire, Water, Wind, Thunder, Stone, and Moon, in which each Breath gains further derivatives as well. The swordsmanship styles are named after elements to reflect on the way a user would fight using it. Examples are how the Breath of Water shows fluidity, the Breath of Fire use powerful strikes, and the Breath of Thunder utilizes quick movement. The styles can make use of specific and concentrated breath patterns that increase lung capacity and the amount of oxygen in the blood. The increased oxygen allows for increased physical ability and mental concentration to match a Demon's power. Each style has a different application with a Nichirin Blade. Examples would be how a user's sense of touch enhanced, increased leg strength, and boosting flexibility along with speed. There are drawbacks to using these styles of swordsmanship as the techniques take a toll due to the limits of the human body.
    • Demon Slayer Marks are markings that can unlock and appears somewhere on a strong Demon Slayer's body. They look like a scar, birthmark, or a tattoo and each is unique to a Demon Slayer's Breath Style. The precondition to unlocking one involves an individual related to the Breath of the Sun being born with one. It then spreads to other Demon Slayers through some form of resonance. Demon Slayer Marks can give different abilities such as enhanced physical capabilities and breathing techniques compared to an average Breath Style user. It can also allow the user to see the blood flow, muscles, and joint movement of living beings, which can be used tor predict their movement or analyze their health. The final ability is to change the color of their Nichirin Blade to a crimson red, which gives the weapon the ability to restrict the regenerative powers of a Demon.
    • Blood Demon Arts are spells that demons can use and are unique to each demon. A demon would usually gain such power by consuming humans while also gaining strength. The spells can be developed, which gain more potency and different techniques when using them. The Blood Demon Arts can come in the form of making illusion, making portals to a pocket dimension, and turning blood into flames.
  • Powers (or Magic Powers) from The Seven Deadly Sins are mysterious abilities based on an individual 's will, beliefs, and experience. These magical powers can weaken if the user loses control of their emotions, which can be solved by training. They can also be measured by Power, Strength, and Spirit in the form of numbers and summed in a Power Level.
    • Spells are another magical power that can be used inherently or by the use of Incantation Orbs. Unlike Powers, spells have a variety of different effects based on the kind of spell, its types, magic power, and potency. They come into five types of Elemental, Negation, Utility, Enchantments, and Curses.
    • Commandments are unique powers created by the Demon King and bestowed onto ten elite warriors. The ten powers have a curse with an absolute function for anyone that breaks its rule, even its user. There is also how a being with a Commandment would also have their own Power to use as well. Commandments can also turn their user into a Demon who also have their own abilities.
    • Graces are four unique powers made by the Supreme Deity of the Goddess Clan. Similar to Commandments, they are given to the four strongest fighters found in the clan. These powers give their user a special ability while also augmenting their magical and physical strength. There are also how the Goddess Clan has other powers and can give them an arsenal of powers depending on the Goddess. One thing about Graces is that if one is given to a human, it will destroy their body, thus killing the person.
  • Ether Gears from Edens Zero is a person's using Ether from their bodies into a power. The user may have the ability to manipulate certain elements, creating constructs made of Ether, or change objects or matter.
  • Gifts from Problem Children are Coming from Another World, Aren't They? are special abilities that people may have, and most do within the world of Little Garden. The powers are intertwined with their souls. A person can gain more than one Gift and can have an unlimited number of them.
  • Territories from Yu Yu Hakusho are powers that certain humans have due to being in the vicinity of the Demon's Door. The powers can be used within a certain range. It depends on a person where they can extend to 100 meters or just their bodies.
  • Darker Than Black Contractors have one from a wild variety of quirky abilities, with bare minimum of Required Secondary Powers, plus even more varying (and more often obviously personalized) remunerations. So e.g. we have seen two teleporters in the first season — but their powers worked very differently.
    • There are powers that appear to be exact duplicates, but this seems to happen very rarely: Book Ends of the first season got similar gravity negators (there were other gravity manipulators with different specifics), Dash and Goran had super speed, Hei and Nick had the same (as far as anyone can tell) power. Curiously, in all cases, the Contractors who had those first were not alive by the time we see the second instance (Hei's case is weird: while he is, of course, alive, his power was "inherited" from Bai — who may or may not count as truly "dead", but she's not among the living either). Of course, few Contractors lived on-screen very long either way.
  • The Euphoria Virus from Speed Grapher is a disease that can usually kill a person when contracted. One can survive if they have a Euphoric Factor and gain a superpower based on their obsession, desires, and fetishes.
  • Space Pheromones or SPH from ēlDLIVE are pheromones secreted by aliens and are not found by any organism on Earth. They can be used to send signals to other organisms and even for an offense. Each alien has its own unique scent that cannot be changed, which allows for tracking through SPH. Space Pheromones can be used in different ways, such as a combat form or enhance their body with equipment. Humans cannot use SPH unless they have an organ transplanted into them, or having Monitalien makes a human its a host like the main protagonist.
  • Minimum from Hamatora are unique abilities that a small percentage of the population has called Minimum Holders. These abilities manifest in different ways, like transforming into a beast, manipulate electricity, analyzing muscle structure, increased durability, regenerating from damage to the point of resurrection, and turning oneself into sound waves. Each Minimum has a trigger to activate it, such as removing glasses or putting on headphones. The powers are embodiments of a person's motivation that can be projected on to others.
  • Exceeds from Black God are abilities that Tera Guardians if they have a contract between a human and Tera Guardian. Each Exceed is unique to a Tera Guardian and used the human's Tera, which requires a large amount of it. The abilities come in the form of increasing offensive power, split into clones of equal power and mass, or even transform into a horse.
  • Ignition Abilities from Fire Force are abilities that allow Third Generations to make fire from their body parts. Different from Second Generations to control existing fire, they can produce it from their extremities such as their feet, head, hands, and even their eyes. This ability can be combined with certain objects such as a sword hilt, cards, matois, and even bubblegum. These abilities can be used to increase strength and speed while others have found other applications such as defense as well.
  • Skills from Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? are abilities, magic, and actions to those who receive falna. They appear regardless of a person's level and are rare while there are even ones where Skill would have effects that no one has heard before. Skills can be gained by during a level up or by methods involving activities like training and smithing.
    • Development Abilities are special abilities that appear after leveling up to level 2. They are different from Skills as they specialize in a specific area such as expertise or personal attributes. From Level 2, a person would have a chance with every level up but may not get even one. Examples would be improving magic, increasing luck, and giving special abilities to an item created by the user. Like Stats, Development Abilities have a rank from I to S and are hard to rank up while also not resetting to I when a person level up.
  • Gates from Gate Keepers are doors from another dimension that gives an ability to a GateKeeper. A gate has different powers and can give a user elemental powers, physical augmentation, healing, or even manipulation of time and space. The gates, however, have a cost on the user, such as absorbing their happiness, which leads to misfortune in their lives. There also other costs, such as halting their age or even absorbing their body parts.
  • Authorities from Campione! are divine powers or attributes of monsters, demons, heroes, and gods related to their myths. They can also be gained by a human if they managed to kill them and become a god slayer known as a Campione. They surpass magic used by mortals but requires an incantation to use their full power. The power, when usurped from a god, will change itself to match the Campione's personality. Authorities can be shared between individuals but have different ways of using them. Multiple Authorities can be held by a god while Campiones can do the same but with a limit. If a Campione kills a god with many Authorities, then it will combine into one Authority with conditions and limits. A Campione can, however, have multiple Authorities if they slay different gods, thus giving them different powers.
  • Osore (translated to Fear) from Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan are unique skills and traits that each yokai related to fear. They related to the fear of the unknown when a yokai displays themselves as something monstrous. This act is due to how yokai existed as beings that induce fear in humans. The concept of Osore involves being feared by humans, which makes them feel enfeebled. The skills involve exerting pressure from their presence, which can change air and mood around an area.

Comic Books

  • Miracles from the manfra[1] Radiant are powers that do not use Fantasia but stems from a different source of power. They are bestowed by a pitchfork that was said to have killed a Wizard by a normal farmer and created the first Miracle.
  • Enforced by some incarnations of The Legion of Super Heroes: All members have different powers because having a unique power is a requirement to join the Legion. Those whose powers aren't unique (or are simply lame) must instead join the Legion of Substitute Heroes.
  • The Dom from Monster Allergy are special powers used by Tamers and are inherited from parent to child. There are five Dom Power, which are Sight Dom, Voice Dom, Gesture Dom, Enviro Dom, and Energy Dom. Sight Dom is a passive ability to see monsters and ghosts which are invisible to the average person. Voice Dom allows a Tamer to command monsters and ghosts with what they say. Gesture Dom gives the power to manipulate monsters through gesture and can also be used to capture them in DomBoxes. Enviro Dom makes it possible to survive in different environments like underwater or in a higher atmosphere. It can also be used to make a force field as well. Energy Dom can release a blast of energy that can affect dark phantoms, monsters, and even ordinary objects but not witches.


  • Peculiarities from Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children are special powers that manifest in people called Peculiars that can develop from infancy or when one is elderly. There are five categories for Peculiarities, which are Aggressive, Passive, Physical, Internal, Elemental, and Uncertain. Aggressive are active powers, and Passives activation is unnecessary. Physicals grow with the body, and Internals are mental abilities. Elementals have elemental properties like cyrokinensis and pyrokinesis, and Uncertain seems to be more peculiar from the other categories.
  • Graces from Graceling that are unique and strange skills that people gain known as a Graceling. Identified by mismatched eyes and appear within a few months after birth or early in childhood. The skills can sing, giving dreams, extreme capability in fighting, and never sleeping.
  • The Power from Gone are supernatural abilities that teenagers in Perdido Beach. The superpowers are gained from radiation and an alien virus in the water pipe and react with DNA to create The Power. They are also classified through a power level system between bars that go to one to four and even off the scale. This idea came from how signal strength on phones through bars.
    • Morphs are powers that are different from The Power as they use ASO rocks injected into a person. They are called morphs due to how the person can transform into creatures. Morphs, in some instances, can also have different powers from their creature forms.
  • Talents from the Alcatraz Series are powers that the Smedry Family is biologically born with to fight evil librarians. Talents would come in the form of abilities like breaking things, arriving late, tripping to the ground, talking gibberish, and waking to look homely.
  • Elements from Vampire Academy is magic that Moroi vampire specializes in that involves manipulating five elements. These elements are Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and the rarest, Spirit. Spirit was one element that was forgotten over time but was re-discovered by Vasilisa Dragomir, who specializes in Spirit. Each Moroi can control all of the elements but specialize in one of them. Fire is considered the most offensives, as it is the only element that can destroy Strigoi. The weakest is Water due to needing to how an element needs a source to manipulate it. Spirit involves powers of sensing auras, walking in dreams, telekinesis, and even mind control. The signature aspect of the element is how it can be used to heal almost instantly.
  • Talents from The True Game trilogy is a power that humans possess in the Lands of True Game. The power that one can have is telepathy, pyrokinesis, healing, precognition, and even being able to store power from other talents to use.
  • Allomancy from Mistborn is magic people can use by 'burning' metal in order to use physical and mental enhancements along with other abilities. A person can usually burn one metal and is called a Misting. If a person has the ability to burn all the metals are called Mistborn. There are 16 metals that can used in Allomancy and they grouped in Basic Metals, Higher Metals, and God Metals. There also subcategories for Basic Metals and Higher Metals which are physical, mental, temporal, enhancements. Physical has metals when burned allows the manipulation of metals and can enhance physical capabilities or even the five senses. Mental uses metals that can help a user sense other Allomancers, hide in a certain area, embolden emotions of others, and can calm or direct emotions. Metals that have a temporal effect can be burned to see different paths in life, see the future, and make time pass slowly or faster. The metals of enhancement can leave a Mistborn powerless, create a large blaze of metal, destroys another Allomancers' metal reserves, and can burn an Allomancer's metal if already burning. God Metals can be used to make a person a Misting or Mistborn, seeing into the future, and can see someone's past.
  • Talents from the Xanth series are magical abilities humans can have if born in Xanth. There is a myriad of talents and that no two people can have the same talent, but similar ones do exist. Talents could even compare to magics of the lowest and highest caliber. Different factors are believed to influence talents from personality to heredity. It was once that mundanes could not have a talent, but five years in Xanth can lead to the development of one. Talents can come in the form of creating an odor to protection from magic.
  • Endowments from the Children of the Red King series are special powers bequeathed to descendants of the Red King. They are magical powers that differ such as talking to animals, bringing storms based on emotion, shapeshifting, summon spirits of the dead, and traveling to places and time through pictures.
  • Magic in Skulduggery Pleasant series has two types of base magic, which are Adept and Elemental Magic. Adept magic is where a mage would focus on a single set of powers that varies on the personal scope. The magics in the Adept branch can involve using the language of magic for different effects to being able to burrow underground. Elemental magic is the manipulation of fire, water, earth, and air for offensive and defensive applications. It is less practiced compared to Adept magic due to the difficulty of mastering all four elements. Elemental users have to divide their attention between all of them rather than the singular focus of Adept magic.
  • Talents from the Wheel of Time are special ability people have when they use the Channeling. They cannot be learned and are an innate way of using a weave. There are different Talents that can range from getting visions of the future to creating Ter'angreal (objects of the One Power with their own powers).
  • Wild Cards has the survivors of "wild card" virus end up with random powers… or more often randomly twisted bodies. Not counting 9/10 of the infected who just die, that is.
  • Legacies from the Lorien Legacies series are superhuman powers gifted to Loric Gardes develop them when they have matured. All Gardes have common Legacy of Telekinesis but also develop several other unique Legacies with age and training.

Oral Tradition, Folklore, Myths and Legends

Tabletop Games

  • Tieflings (mutant humans who express traits of ancestor(s) who were fiend(s)) of Dungeons & Dragons and (via Open Gaming License) Pathfinder all belong to a single species, but "no two tieflings are the same" in how their ancestry impacts their appearance. The statistical benefits tend to be the same between them however.

Video Games

  • Psychs from The World Ends With You are powers that come from Pins for Players in the Reaper's Game to use. Most Players can only use one Psych while the main character, Neku, can use many.
  • Drives from Blazblue are the manifestation of a soul's power using the force known as Blue. There are two ways a person who can pull the Blue to them or a soul close to the Blue can achieve this power. One can awaken to a Drive or be born with it.
  • Atma from Digital Devil Saga is a virus that can affect humans and allow them to transform into an Atma Avatar, a monstrous form based on mythological entities. A human infected by Atma has superhuman powers and magical ones while changed. Another effect of the disease is how a need to devour another affected by Atma or fall to a crazed state.
  • Persona from the Persona series is manifestations of a person's personality as a "mask" to help face difficulties in life. The Personas base on mythological archetypes that dwell in the collective unconscious. Those who awaken to the potential usually have one Persona unless they have the Wild Card ability that allows a person to hold multiple Personas. They have their unique powers along with influencing their users' physical and mental faculties like superhuman physique and resistance from negative trauma.
  • Crests from Fire Emblem: Three Houses are marks that are believed to be bestowed by the goddess, Sothis. These marks passed down through bloodlines, are believed to relate to blood inherited, and can be inherited by people within a royal or noble family. They are seen as a sign of nobility and comes with prestige and respect. There two types of Crests, Minor Crests, and Major Crests. Minor Crests carries weaker yet somewhat potent power. Major Crests contain immense powers and are seen as a sign of an heir in a family. A Crest can give a person a high aptitude with magic, superhuman strength, and other advantages.
  • Evilities from the Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice series where a character can have two which are split into a Native Evility and a Secondary Evility. Unique Evilities can be based on if they are a Main Character, Humanoid, or a Monster. There are also Generic Evilities that can be accessed by any character.
    • Overloads introduced in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance are exclusive powers held by Overlords or an Overload-class of power. These skills can be used to change the tide of battle when activated.
  • Keshin from Inazuma Eleven GO is the ability to bring out a user's spirit to use a hissatsu or to use the technique, Keshin Armed. Keshin Armed introduced in Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone is when a user equips as armor in order to increase their strength and speed along with their hisstasu techniques.
    • Mixi Max is a technique to fuse a person's aura to another person. When Mixi Max is used, a person's appearance changes while also gaining their physical attributes like power and speed along with a new hissatsu.
    • Soul or Beast Powers introduced in Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy is an ability that allows a user to transform into an animal. The transformation is temporary and they gain another hissatsu and the ability to use a Soul Strike. Soul Stikes are techniques to a specific Soul and are stronger than an average hissatsu.
  • Manifestations from Under Night In-Birth are a power that allows In-Births to give EXS a unique shape or an EXS Ability. They can come in the form of a weapon, superhuman speed, growing their muscles and body, manipulate blood, and shaping energy. The use of these abilities can also give superhuman physical abilities.
  • Runes from Suikoden are used to summon magical spells. They come into four types: Common Runes, Unique Runes, True Runes, and a fourth class that doesn't fit in the others. Common Runes are those that can be found in stores, monsters, or even schools for martial training. They are derived from True Rune and are man-made. Common Runes are sealed in an orb until a Rune Master attaches to a person. They come into there types of Melee, Magic, and Support. Unique Runes are one directly created from the True Runes. They possess a will of their own will but can be suppressed by a powerful Rune Master. They each have powers that could rival a True Rune, but they can't give agelessness like them. True Runes are extremely powerful and possess their own will. They have each have powers over the world, and gain give a person immortality. Each True Rune represents an aspect of existence like the basic element or concepts like beginning or destiny. The two runes that don't fall into the other three types are the Bright Shield Rune and Black Sword Rune. They are actually the two halves of the True Rune of Beginning and each doesn't give the advantages of a True Rune. The two Runes actually eke life force from their bearer and aren't referred to as True Runes in the game.
  • The Catharsis Effect from The Caligula Effect is a person's strong emotions caused by an intense catalyst which are tuned by Aria and their resolve to face pain. A person gains supernatural abilities and can maintain their sanity. They also manifest a weapon and other accessories.

Visual Novels

  • Noble Phantasms from the Fate series can come in the form of powers based on the legend related to the Servant along with their summoned class. The form of these powers can come in different forms as one hero could call upon a pocket dimension under their control. Another would allow them to complete control of an object as long as it can be recognized as a weapon.

Web Animation

  • Semblances from RWBY are a manifestation of a person's innate and personal power, which is unique to each individual. The abilities are a projection of one's Aura and fueled by it. The nature of a Semblance seems to based on a facet of their personality. Dust can also be used to modify a Semblance with the element of its energy. However, they may be a borderline example because it's clear that multiple people can have similar or nearly-identical Semblances -- for example, Harriet of the Ace Ops in V7 makes it clear she's met other people besides Ruby with a Super Speed Semblance like her own, and that there's something different about Ruby's speed.
  • Epithets from Epithet Erased are powers that people called Inscribed have attached to their souls. An Epithet comes from a single word attached to their soul, such as 'Fire ', 'Coupon','Dumb', or 'Soup'.

Web Comics

  • Natural Abilities and Acquired Abilities from The Gamer webtoon are two types of powers. Natural Abilities that Gaia grants based on the person's most traumatizing aspect in their life, which the main protagonist has the titular ability. Acquired Abilities are those of magic and ki manipulation developed from prior knowledge where one can train themselves through practice and study. Natural Abilities are exclusive to those that Gaia has granted while anyone can learn Acquired Abilities, even Natural Ability users. Clans and guilds train in both magic and martial arts that use ki manipulation while there are individuals who practice in a specialization.
  • Charyeok (or Borrowed Powers from the official translation) from God of Highschool is power from supernatural entities that make a contract with a person. The supernatural entities come in the form of monsters, gods, or people who have gained fame or infamy when alive. When used by a person, through their imagination and empathy to form a unique power. Charyeoks are divided into six classes, which are Weapon Summoning and Reinforcement, Summoning, Parasitic, Direct Contract, Key, and The Original Way of Charyeok. Weapon Summoning and Reinforcement allows a user to summon a weapon and/or enhance a weapon. Summoning involves manifesting an entity that can manipulate matter, which can be used in combination with a user's techniques or object where the user can wield the power to enhance their skills. Parasitic manifests an entity on the user's body and the more it covers the body, the more powerful the Charyeok. Direct Contract involves an entity infused their power directly and also allows communication with the user. Key types are rare and powerful who have the ability to seal and awaken abilities in people and deities. The entities involved with this type seek vengeance against gods, often opposing them. The Orignal Way of Charyeoks is the most powerful type and can only be used by breaking the Taboo, which is a rule that humans cannot attack gods. The god's energy into a human body but will have the drawback of getting younger or older.
  • Ballyhoos from Scoob and Shag are channeled power made from love and admiration that comes into the form of a special ability of the alien race. There are named after broadcasting and animation terms while also coming two types of Ballyhoos: Physical and Energy. Physical Ballyhoos can be used to aim a weapon down to the very millimeter, mimicking any physical force, and slicing anything within a radius. Energy Ballyhoos involves making space within space and stopping something from making a din.
  • Cultivation from Tales of Demons and Gods is a technique for people to enhance their abilities by training and gathering soul force. This method is called a cultivation technique and would come in the form of martial arts and meditation. The body can be empowered even with a small amount of cultivation. There are three different ways of using cultivation. One way is by training with martial art, physical exercises, and enhancing natural abilities for people who wish to become fighters. One can merge themselves with demon spirits to gain power beyond normal humans, which are called demon spiritualists. The third method involves cultivating soul force to the point of purity called a Law which is part of the structure of the world. Law involves elements, even concepts like death,time,and space.
  • Ripples from Awaken are the movement of Flux, which is the flow of consciousness penetrates from living organisms. Ripples are manifestations of Flux through a person's Field of Awareness, which is an extension of a living person based on their personality. They are classified into four types, which are A-Type, T-Type, R-Type, and C-types. A-Types (Absorb) can be used to absorbing something around them like information or other's Ripples. T-Types (Transform) involve transforming something around them, such as a dagger to a sword or physical particles into a weapon. R-Types (Release) are Ripples that involve projecting Flux like in the form of a projectile such as matter or mental aspects like thoughts and emotions. C-Types (Control) have the ability to manipulate certain things through Flux, such as thoughts and physical matter. These four types can be combined into different subtypes like RT-Type, CR-Type, AT-Type, RA-Type, and other combinations.
  • Personal Attributes from Hardcore Leveling Warrior are skills that are randomly gained when a character is created in Lucid Adventure. They come into four types of Skill/Stat, Class, Person, and Transcendental Skill. Skill types are unique skills, and Stat types increase a player's stat(s). Class types give an extra Class but will be hidden until a condition is met, which involves reaching level 40. Person types allow the user to become a person or object from history, mythology, or fiction. Transcendental Skill types are Personal Attributes that goes beyond the laws of Lucid Adventure and are the rarest out of the four. They involve powers, like controlling time or making different contracts with terms; as long they are not broken, that can give certain skills or statuses.
  • Transcendental Skills from Kubera are abilities that can be used by gods, sura, and halfs(human-sura hybrids). There are two types of Transcendental Skills, which are General and Unique. General types can be used by both gods and suras. It differs from human magic due to how it derives its power from the user rather than another being. These skills have more power compared to magic, and it's usually impossible to learn for humans and quarters (humans with a quarter of sura blood). The abilities for each individual is determined by their attributes depending on their race. Birthday attribute is based on the time one is born for humans and quarters. Clan attribute on a sura's clan. Source attributes is a personal attribute of a god. Hereditary attributes are inherited by suras and halfs. Examples of these abilities are summoning suras, a powerful elemental attack, and controlling gravity. Unique types are those that gods are born with and cannot be acquired through any other means. Examples of these would be absolute control of an element to the point of embodying it, opening portals to certain locations, transfer objects at a fast speed, and moving a target to a dimension where existence and non-existence are equal.
  • In Paranatural the Spectrals share only property of constantly seeing and touching the spirit world around them, and even with training have very limited uses for their raw power. The spirits, however, have wildly varied abilities — and those that become object-bound Familiars or possessing entities bestow their unique powers on their masters.

Western Animation

  • Bending from Avatar: The Last Airbender is the power and art of manipulating one of four elements of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire that certain people can use. Each element has its style and applications; an example would be Waterbending allows the manipulation of not just water but also steam and ice while also being able to heal injuries. The Avatar is only one who can bend all four elements and other abilities.
  • Disney Fairies have Talents, which are either jobs or elemental powers that are assigned to each individual fairy. Each Talent a fairy could have a name about the power or skill that they could have like water-talent, tinker-talent, and fast-flying-talent. What a fairy can do with their Talent can vary like a tinker-talent is usually used for repairs while also being able to make inventions. Another example would be fast-flying-talent are the fastest when it comes to flying but are also capable of manipulating the air as well. There are also sub-Talents that would come from a single Talent as well.
  • Belly Badges from the Care Bears series are images on a Care Bears' and Care Bear Cousins' stomaches that show their personality along with their unique powers. A badge could have the power to influence the emotions of others, teleportation, enter Dreamland and influence dreams, and unlocking ideas from one's mind.
  • Cutie Marks from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic are marks that ponies get that relate to their personality and talent. Depending on the pony, they could have a talent with different abilities such as speaking with animals, being a great flyer, or having a great aptitude with magic. For Unicorn Ponies, they usually have one relating to their magic, which can be a scope of spells associated with their talent. A Cutie Mark does signify a talent but doesn't mean that they can't show other skills or even other spells through magic. With time and practice, they can have different skills and even expertise in other magics. There is also the factor of how Cutie Marks are tied to some sort of magic within every pony, and any changes to the Cutie Mark or a Pony's magic can signify a change in their talents.
  • Magic from The Dragon Prince is the mystical force that is connected to six Primal Sources. Magical creatures like elves and dragons are connected to these Primal Sources, which give them spells, powers, and abilities related to them. This connection for magical creatures is called Arcanum. Humans do not have such power but can use spells through some form of conduit to a Primal Source. The Primal sources are Sky, Stars, Ocean, Earth, Sun, and Moon. Here is what each Primal Source can bestow:
    • Sky magic is related to winds and thunderstorms, which involves spells and powers related to wind and electricity. The strongest source would come in the form of a thunderstorm, and Arcanums require deep breaths and focus. Skywing Elves are born with wings or use a spell that can turn their arms into wings. Sky Dragons can manipulate wind and storms while also being able to breathe lighting from their mouths.
    • Star magic involves using the power of the cosmos, which can give visions and seeing into beyond what's seen. It is not well-known magic, and creatures with a Star Arcanum are rare such as Startouch Elves.
    • Ocean magic uses the power of water from rivers to oceans. The strongest source would be when water is at high tide. Depending on a mage's source, they can reflect their nature, such as a lake to a swamp, even though they are connected to the same Primal Source.
    • Earth magic utilizes the power of the land itself such as minerals, stones, crystals, gems, and even flora and fauna. Creatures connected to Earth care about the history and balance of the world.
    • Sun magic manipulates the heat and energy from the sun. It has a dual quality that involves light, growth, nurturing, and transformation or making heat and destruction. Magic creatures connected to the Sun uses light in order to nurture and bring transformation while others would use heat and fire for an offense.
    • Moon magic draws the Moon and spirit, which involves making illusions and connecting with spirits. Magic and powers are strong during a full moon while the Arcanum is the truth found in reality. The strength of these powers is related to lunar phases. Moon creatures would usually use their powers to cast some illusion to change their appearance and invisibility. There are also spells that can also see another's spirits and project images from the past.
  1. Manfra are French comic books inspired by and styled after Manga.