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Potent Pheromones are a superpower where pheromones are emitted to induce an abnormal emotion or some form of physical response in another person. The typical example would be pheromones causing an intense infatuation with someone, usually a woman, having an effect that would lead to Mind Manipulation. The power can also induce sleep, or create the feeling of sickness or disorientation.

People with the Super Sense of smell (The Nose Knows) can be vulnerable to this power.

Examples of Potent Pheromones include:

Anime and Manga

  • SPH or Space Pheromones, from ēlDLIVE, are select chemicals released by aliens. These pheromones are used for communication like insects but are more powerful. They can be used to send a signal to a target and can be used as a form of offense. An alien's SPH has a unique scene that can be used for tracking. There is also how it can be augmented by specific equipment to be used in combat. Humans cannot use Space Pheromones unless they are implanted with an SPH organ or used as a host for a Montialien.
  • Love from Toriko can control her pheromones to keep her prisoners in Honey Prison in check. Her technique of Sex Pheromone can make people have a strong sexual attraction to her while seeing her as a buxom woman in a skimpy outfit. Her other technique, Tranquilizer Pheromones, is used to calm down and manipulate people and animals.
  • Rikujou Kaori, from Killing Bites, aka the Brute Civet can unleash pheromones with her musk that can act as an aphrodisiac. When breathed in by another hybrid, they will be wrapped into lust and unable to battle.

Comic Books

  • The Purple Man, from Marvel Comics, is a Mutate with the power of releasing a pheromone once breathed in or absorbed by the skin will put a person under his control.
    • Beast aka Hank McCoy has a minor power where he could attract people of the opposite sex but doesn't seem to use it frequently.
    • Mandrill aka Jerome Beechman can exude pheromones that can attract and enslave women but are ineffective against men.
    • Stacy X aka Miranda Leevald has the power to emit pheromones from her skin that can affect bodily functions. Once a person makes contact with her skin, their body would be stimulated to cause vomiting, nausea, orgasms, etc. She can even use the ability to speed up the body's natural regenerative properties and can increase stamina through a rush of adrenaline. [please verify]
    • Wallflower aka Lauri Collins can generate airborne pheromones that can affect the moods of people around her. They change in emotions match the ones that she feels and she has some control over it unless she feels strong emotions.
    • Akihiro aka Daken has the ability to control pheromones that can manipulate emotions and perceptions of other people. He can make people different emotional states such as depression, happiness, free, or a sense of security. He has such control of his pheromones that it can also be used to mask his scent even from people with superhuman smell.
  • DC Comics's Poison Ivy is able to produce pheromones that allow her to seduce and control other people.
    • Encatadora aka Lourdes Lucero through her magical power from the Mists of Ibella. One power granted by the Mists is for men to fall under her control.
    • The third incarnation of Crimson Fox can project pheromones that can affect the emotions of people especially men.

Live-Action TV

  • Pheromone Generators, from Alphas, are Alphas that can make pheromones that affect people within their vicinity. Different Alphas would secrete different pheromones like one can induce emotional attachment while another can incite a berserk rage.

Oral Tradition, Folklore, Myths and Legends

Other Media