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Pheromones are natural chemicals produced by species that create a social response from creatures of the same species. These chemicals act like hormones outside the body, which can affect the behavior of the receiving organism. Different types of pheromones exist, such as alarm, sex, food trail, and others that can affect behavior and physical body functions. It rather commonly found with insects but can also be found with some vertebrates, plants, and single-cell organisms. It is an element used in fiction where even some would have it as their superpower.

Potent Pheromones are a superpower where pheromones are emitted to induce an abnormal emotion or some form of physical response in another person. The typical example would be pheromones causing an intense infatuation with someone, usually a woman, having an effect that would lead to something close to Mind Control. The least intense examples of this ability would be a form of communication between members of the same species. The power can also be used to not only manipulate the emotions of a person but other's bodily functions. There are some odd instances where they can be used much like a weapon or a means of defense. The most extreme instance of this application would be to cause one's death much like a poison.

People with the Super Sense of smell (The Nose Knows) can be vulnerable to this power.

Examples of Potent Pheromones include:

Anime and Manga

  • SPH or Space Pheromones, from ēlDLIVE, are select chemicals released by aliens. These pheromones are used for communication like insects but are more powerful. They can be used to send a signal to a target and can be used as a form of offense. An alien's SPH has a unique scent that's useful for tracking. There is also how it can be augmented by specific equipment to use for combat. Humans cannot use Space Pheromones unless they are implanted with an SPH organ or used as a host for a Montialien. Depending on the species and possible armaments, SPH can come in different forms. Here are examples of varying SPH:
    • Chuuta's SPH is shared with a Montialien, which Chuuta needs to have an image to create an attack through Space Pheromones, such as a rope that can immobilize enemies, a beam that freezes a target, and a technique that slices through other SPH.
    • Misuzu's SPH can come in the form of pink rings that can cut through even the most massive aliens. She can also use her SPH to grow wings and fly while also changing her clothes.
    • Gucchi's SPH materializes as a black sword surround by red energies for increased destructive power. He can also make bombs that can knock people unconscious.
  • Love from Toriko can control her pheromones to keep her prisoners in Honey Prison in check. Her technique, Sex Pheromone, can make people have a strong sexual attraction to her while seeing her as a buxom woman in a skimpy outfit. Her other technique, Tranquilizer Pheromones, is used to calm down and manipulate people and animals.
  • Rikujou Kaori, from Killing Bites, aka the Brute Civet can unleash pheromones with her musk that can act as an aphrodisiac. When breathed in by another hybrid, they will be wrapped into lust and unable to battle.

Comic Books

  • The Purple Man, from Marvel Comics, is a Mutate with the power of releasing a pheromone once breathed in or absorbed by the skin will put a person under his control.
    • Beast, aka Hank McCoy, has a minor power where he could attract people of the opposite sex but doesn't seem to use it frequently.
    • Mandrill, aka Jerome Beechman, can exude pheromones that can attract and enslave women but are ineffective against men.
    • Stacy X, aka Miranda Leevald, has the power to emit pheromones from her skin that can affect bodily functions. Once a person makes contact with her skin, their body would be stimulated to cause vomiting, nausea, orgasms, etc. She can even use the ability to speed up the body's natural regenerative properties and can increase stamina through a rush of adrenaline. [please verify]
    • Wallflower, aka Lauri Collins, can generate airborne pheromones that can affect the moods of people around her. The chemicals change people's emotions to match the ones that she feels. Lauri has some control over it unless she feels strong emotions.
    • Akihiro, aka Daken, has the ability to control pheromones that can manipulate the emotions and perceptions of other people. He can make people experience different emotional states such as depression, happiness, free, or a sense of security. Daken has such control of his pheromones that it can also be used to mask his scent even from people with a superhuman smell.
    • Omega Red can generate pheromones called Death Spores that can cause sickness or even death.
    • The Lizard, aka Curt Connors, can secrete pheromones that can cause people to fly into a rage.
    • Sleeper has chemokinetic powers where he can produce a liquid and aerosol such as pheromones that can connect his thoughts to others' minds, cloak himself from other symbiotes, and can even mask his presence.
    • Cubist can emit short-range pheromones that can alter people's perceptions, which can lead to confusion and disorientation.
    • Itsy Bitsy can secrete pheromones that can drive people into a blind rage.
    • Amos, aka Andrew Graves, is a mutant with the ability to release airborne pheromones that can drive people into an aggressive state. Amos can control pheromones to direct it towards a target but left uncontrolled leads to putting his victims' aggression out on him.
    • Milo Smutt is a mutant with the superpower to control pheromones to amplify the current emotion he is feeling towards others.
    • Ebenezer Laughton, aka Scarecrow, produces an odorless pheromone that affects the adrenal gland of humans and higher animals to experience fear. He can also use the pheromones on himself to augment his physical attributes to superhuman levels like strength, stamina, speed, and his healing process.
  • DC Comics's Poison Ivy is able to produce pheromones that allow her to seduce and control other people.
    • Encatadora, aka Lourdes Lucero, manipulates pheromones through her magical powers from the Mists of Ibella. These pheromones granted by the Mists is for men to fall under her control.
    • The third incarnation of Crimson Fox can project pheromones that can affect the emotions of people, especially men.

Live-Action TV

  • Pheromone Generators, from Alphas, are Alphas that can make pheromones that affect people within their vicinity. Different Alphas would secrete different pheromones like one can induce emotional attachment while another can incite a berserk rage.
  • Zigevolks, from Grimm, are goat-like Wesen who have a gland that releases pheromones from their sweat. By eating live amphibians, they can stimulate more pheromones and make them airborne where they can enthrall people, especially Wesen, with a keen sense of smell. Zigevolks can also produce different pheromones by eating a rare toad that can make others open to suggestions to the point of creating falses memories. While potent, these pheromones require touch in order to spread them.

Oral Tradition, Folklore, Myths and Legends

Video Games

  • Garalon, from World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, uses magic pheromones that not only can mark a target but damage them. When a victim has been marked, they can receive more damage from his magic pheromones. There is also another affliction on a person where they can leave a trail of pheromones that can damage others as well.
  • Seltas Queen, introduced in Monster Hunter 4, can cast pheromones that attract a Seltas when in need. These pheromones can also give a Hunter the Soiled ailment, which causes them not to be able to use any Potions, Drinks, or Steaks.
    • There is also the Insect Glaive, a weapon that resembles a spear that can summon a Kinsect. The Hunter can shoot out a pheromone bullet as a "lock-on" for a Kinsect to attack a monster.
    • Xeno'jiiva, introduced in World: Ice Borne, is an Elder Dragon where it can send out either energy pulses or pheromones that can cause the phenomenon known as Elder Crossing. This event attracts other Elder Dragons where it can feed off the energy of dead Elder Dragon to gain enough power for mass destruction.
  • Hatoful Boyfriend has Anghel Higure who has the condition where his body makes hallucinogenic pheromones. This attribute causes anyone around him, including himself, to go through hallucinations, which may explain his eccentric behavior.
  • The upgraded CASIE enhancement, from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, give Adam the ability to emit pheromones that make others more susceptible to his suggestions.
  • The Elcor race, from Mass Effect, use pheromones to communicate with each other along with subtle body language and infrasound to communicate. This form of communication can also lead to difficulty towards other species as they speak in a monotone manner. They also have the ability to sense pheromones of other species.

Western Animation

  • Scarlemagne, from Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeast, can produce pheromones that grant him control over the minds of any primate. It works on any primate Mute or human where he can command the person to do whatever he says to the best of their ability.
  • Gutrot, from Ben 10: Omniverse, comes from a species that is chemokinetic where they can even create pheromones. An example of this ability to create pheromones to attract Way Bad (mutated versions of To'kustars, the species Way Big originates).

Other Media