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A well-known Stock Phrase, it's often includes Pre-Ass-Kicking One-Liner and/or Let's Get Dangerous. Made famous from the film Scarface, a character would at times express the line following with either another person, random animal, or an object to be used as a weapon, with the last usually the case. It can have version of the phases, often in a plural or play on.

A video of examples of this trope can be view Here.

Examples of Say Hello to My Little Friend include:

Fan Works[edit | hide]

Film[edit | hide]

  • Trope Namer, in the last stand stage in Scarface, Tony Montana express this line as he grabs his firearm to deal with his assailants.
  • In the 2016 version of Ghostbusters, one of the main characters shouts this out as she aims her proton beam to handle the malevolent ghost invasion.
  • One of the goons in the first Kick-Ass film finds a rocket launcher while hunting down Hitgirl, explaining out he always wanted to say it.
  • One of the Ace Ventura films, the title character obtains a Smelly Skunk, which he calls "stinky little friend".
  • In Chillerama segment, "Zom-B-Movie", Cecil Kaufman says this as he's shove a gun up the butt of a zombie.

Live-Action TV[edit | hide]

  • In an episode of Kenan and Kel, after getting annoyed by two young boys with their water pistol, Kenan mentions the line as he present his super-soaker.

Oral Tradition, Myths and Legends[edit | hide]

Western Animation[edit | hide]

  • In the Beavis and Butt-Head episode "Die, Fly, Die", Beavis locates what happens to be a hedge trimmer after explaining he needed a better weapon to deal with the fly.
  • In the South Park episode "Child Abduction Is Not Funny", Lu Kim shouts this as he presents his rocket launcher at the Mongolians.

Other Media[edit | hide]

  • It's not hard to find T-shirts with this phrase along with an image of Al Pacino from the relevant scene of Scarface.
  • It's just as easy to find T-shirts with this phrase and a picture of a garden gnome.