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After something goes wrong, someone has to go to get medical care. How about for a long time in order to recover? How often? If that's going to be a case, the room might as well become custom for that day or visit. If someone has to stay in the hospital for sometime and/or often in the area, one as well have a room reserve just for that. It could be even possible to get their mail. In Real Life, hospital stay are usual short-term depending on the condition, but something it can required repeated stay at a hospital... likely at the same hospital.

Examples of Tailor-Made Hospital Room include:

Fan Works[edit | hide]

  • Astral Journey: It's Complicated: Emma starts to have some items place in her hospital during her stay, even getting a Game Boy and some books to past from time. She even looks into a degree program in forensics.

Live-Action TV[edit | hide]

  • Short-Lived American version of Red Bracelet Society has a room of a cancer patient customized to look like a "basic" teenage bedroom.

Oral Tradition, Myths and Legends[edit | hide]

Western Animation[edit | hide]

  • In one episode of Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy, has Edd convert his bedroom into a hospital room after attempts to make Jimmy into a sumo wrestler ends with Ed and Eddy baldy injured.

Other Media[edit | hide]