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Making someone face their worst fears is supposed to defeat or disable them. Sometimes however making them face their worst fears just gives them a target they're more than happy to beat up.

Contrast Villainous BSOD.

Examples of Therapeutic Manifest Nightmare include:

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  • Several hunters confronted by their nightmares in Monster Hunter Legion handle it quite well, thanks to their fears being based on events from before they became heavily armed badass professional monster killers.

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  • In Silent Hill 2 Eddie is faced with the visages of all the people who have tormented him throughout his life. Ignoring that he's in a horror game, Eddie sees this as an opportunity to dish out Disproportionate Retribution against his tormentors and takes full advantage of it.

Western Animation[edit | hide]

  • In the Xiaolin Showdown episode Dreamscape after the monks are forced to fight their fears instead of having their partners deal with them, they quickly realize how ridiculous the things they fear (a creepy doll, a grandma that won't stop pinching cheeks, squirrels) are.

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