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...and I'm here to win.

If you've watched any competitive reality shows, you've undoubtedly heard one or more contestants utter this line at least once. Maybe they've watched too many reality shows themselves, or maybe they were fed this line by the show's crew members... Either way, reality contestants always feel the need to remind their fellow contestants or the viewer (via the Confession Cam) that they are in a competition and they will do whatever it takes to win.

Interestingly, this line also shows up in shows where the contestants have absolutely no say in who gets eliminated that week and have to rely on their own personal performance to stay in the game. Those same contestants usually don't make any sort of attempt to sabotage the other players' efforts either.

Usually comes after I'm Not Here to Make Friends. Interestingly, the characters who announce that this is a competition and they're here to win? Rarely seem to win.

Examples of This Is a Competition include:

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