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Superpowers within a setting that go by a universal term by the characters who are bestowed and use them.

Superpowers within a setting go by a universal term. They have the common trait of these powers granting unique abilities. Depending on the media, characters with one superpower or a combo platter of superpowers. When there are people with one superpower per person, then the one person they will only have that superpower. If they are lucky enough, some people can get a versatile one. A combo platter of powers can come into three possible forms. The first form is where the superpower grants different abilities. The second form is other powers within a setting that one person can gain rather than just one superpower. The third form is where a superpower gives passive abilities when a person has one. The trope can be found in most Eastern media such as anime, manga, and light novels while rarely seen in Western media.

Exclusivity in a power is usually a result of Superpower Lottery being very random at least in details, though it may also happen due to a person giving their power away to someone else. A milder case of exclusivity is powers naturally restricted to specific bloodlines, though even those may at least express differently, including occasional duds. See also Personality Powers.

Examples of Titled Superpowers include:

Anime and Manga

  • Nen, from Hunter X Hunter, is a technique to use one's aura in different applications. Depending on what Nen Category a person is born under, they can access diverse abilities.
  • 80% of the population is born with a Quirk in My Hero Academia, a superhuman power based on genetics. Quirks fall into three types: Emitter, Transformation, and Mutant, while one person has one superpower.
  • On the vast seas of One Piece, Devil Fruits gives specific powers to whatever eats it and falls into three types: Paramecia, Zoans, and Logia. A person can only consume one Devil Fruit or they disintegrate. There is also Haki, which is available to everyone.
    • There is also Haki, which is a mysterious power that every living being has in the world of One Piece. Haki falls into three types, which are Observation Haki, Armament Haki, and Conqueror's Haki. Everyone can awaken the first two, but few people are born with Conqueror's Haki.
  • Darwin's Game gives its players Sigils, supernatural powers granted by the titular app to its players. The app provides a unique yet randomized ability to a player. Each player of the game can only have one Sigil and fall into one of five types.
  • Stands, from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, are humanoid beings or other forms with unique powers related to the user's personality.
  • Players are granted Embryos when they create their character in the VRMMO of Infinite Dendrogram. Embryos fall into one of 5 broad types based on personality. They can also evolve as the with the player, which may give other Skills and Types.
    • Skills are abilities that Tians, Masters, and monsters gain in the VRMMO. Tians and Masters can gain Skills from equipment and jobs, but Masters can also gain Skills from their Embryos.
  • In Naruto, ninjas do battle with Justu, supernatural arts they use in combat from their chakra. Jutsu comes into three categories: Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and Ninjutsu. Similar techniques to Ninjutsu also exist called Kekkei Genkai.
    • Kekkei Genkai are unique abilities based on the wielders' DNA and hereditary within ninja clans. Ninjas inherit one Kekkei Genkai and naturally develop these powers with age and experience. Still, people outside of these families can artificially gain them.
  • From Psyren, PSI is the ability that Psychicers have that manipulate one's thoughts by over-clocking the brain into three basic types: Burst, Trance, and Rise.
  • Abnormalities are superhuman abilities possessed by a few humans and categorized as Abnormals in the world of Medaka Box. These superpowers are based on Abnormals' mental development, thus manifest internally in the users' bodies. Each Abnormal would only have one Abnormality.
    • Minuses are Abnormalities because of the mental negativity of the users. Unlike regular Abnormalities, these powers project outside of the body due to being based on the mental environment involved in the person's development. Like Abnormalities, one person has one Minus.
    • Styles are the manipulation of language for different effects and created to fight on par to Abnormalities. A person can develop a Style or be bestowed one from someone with one. The superpowers are not exclusive like Abnormalities, and even an Abnormal can gain one.
  • Branches of Sin are powers involving blood manipulation that people called Deadmen wields in Deadman Wonderland. Each Deadman has one Branch of Sin that changes their blood into a particular weapon or attack.
  • In Book of Bantorra, Magical Rights are individual magic that a person can possess, and one person has one Magical Right except for Book Eaters.
  • The Demon Slaying Corp uses forms of swordsmanship called Breath Styles to slay Demons during post-World War Japan in Demon Slayer Yaiba. The swordsmanships use specific and concentrated breath patterns that increase lung capacity and oxygen in the blood for a unique physical superhuman ability but with drawbacks.
    • Demon Slayer Marks are markings that can be unlocked by a strong Demon Slayer's body. Demon Slayer Marks can give different abilities such as enhanced physical capabilities and breathing techniques compared to average Breath Style users.
    • Blood Demon Arts are spells that Demons can use and are unique to each one. Most of these monsters have one Blood Demon Art, but there are some with more than one.
  • Powers are mysterious abilities based on their will, beliefs, and experience that people can awaken in the world of The Seven Deadly Sins. Each person has one superpower but can develop different techniques from them.
    • Spells are another magical power that can be used inherently or by the use of Incantation Orbs. Unlike Powers, Spells have various effects based on different factors and come into five types.
    • Commandments are ten curses created by the Demon King and bestowed onto elite warriors. They have an absolute function based on a rule that can affect anyone who breaks it, even its user. There is also how a warrior with a Commandment gains demonic abilities.
    • Graces are four blessings made by the Supreme Deity of the Goddess Clan. Like Commandments, the Supreme Deity chose and blessed four of the strongest fighters found in the clan. These powers give their user a unique ability while also passively augmenting their magical and physical strength.
  • In the galaxy of Edens Zero, some people have Ether Gears, superpowers that use Ether flowing through their bodies and rearranges it into an individualistic ability.
  • In Mondaiji, people in the world of Little Garden have Gifts that are special abilities to participate in Gift Games. A person can gain an unlimited number of them.
  • From Yu Yu Hakusho, Territories are supernatural powers that some humans have due to being in the Demon's Door's vicinity. These superpowers are used within a specific range and based on the user's personality.
  • Aliens have Space Pheromones or SPH, natural chemicals secreted by aliens in ēlDLIVE. Space Pheromones grant different abilities based on their species.
  • Minimums, from Hamatora, are unique abilities that a small percentage of the population has called Minimum Holders. The Minimum Holder's ego determines their superpower and can only hold one Minimum.
  • The world of Black God has Exceeds, abilities that Tera Guardians if they have a contract with a human. Each Exceed is unique to a Tera Guardian and each guardian has one.
  • In Fire Force, Ignition Abilities allow Third Generations to make fire from their body parts which differ from the Second Generations' ability to control existing fire. Some Ignition Abilities can even make plasma, electricity, and electromagnetism.
    • Adolla Burst is another ability that certain Third Generation can awaken to by creating a connection with a being from Adolla. Adolla Bursts involves aspects that do not conform to the universe's physical laws, which upgrades Ignition Abilities to an extradimensional level.
  • In Gate Keepers, Gates are doors that give extradimensional energy to a person and manifest as a unique superpower.
  • Authorities are divine powers of Gods, Heretic Gods, and Campiones within the story of Campione! A human can also gain them if they managed to kill a Heretic God and become a god slayer known as a Campione. Gods can hold multiple Authorities while a Campione who kills a Heretic God with many Authorities; the divine powers will combine into one ability. However, they can have various Authorities if they slay different gods.
  • Yokai has the supernatural ability of Osore, which are unique skills and traits based on fear within the world of Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan.
  • Each King in K grants an Aura to their Clan for incredible powers. Depending on the King, Aura can manifest different abilities.
  • Norito, from Sekirei, are extraordinary powers that women known as Sekirei activate through a kiss from a specific person. It is implied that a Sekirei can have more than one Norito.
  • People on the scattered islands of Esprit have Jinxes, special abilities brought out by a person's faith. One person can have only one Jinx.
  • Needless have Fragment, which are exclusive superpowers of people known as Needless and the source of their powers. One Needless have one Fragment but also passive physical superpowers.
  • From Re:Zero, Authorities are supernatural abilities wielded by Witches of Sin and Sin Archbishops. The powers are each Authority is shaped by a host's desire and sin.

Comic Books


Oral Tradition, Folklore, Myths and Legends

Video Games

  • Drives, from the Blazblue series, are the manifestation of a soul's power using a force known as Blue. There are two ways a person to gain a Drive, which are pulling the Blue to them or a soul close to the Blue can achieve this power. One can awaken to a Drive or be born with it.
  • Atma, from Digital Devil Saga, is a virus that can affect humans and allow them to transform into an Atma Avatar, a monstrous form based on mythological entities. A human infected by Atma has superhuman powers and magical ones while changed in their Atma Avatar. Another effect of the disease is how a need to devour another infected by Atma, or they will become berserk.
  • Persona, from the Persona series, are manifestations of a person's personality as a "mask" to help face difficulties in life. Personas are based on mythological archetypes that dwell in the collective unconscious. Those who awaken to the potential usually have one Persona unless they have the Wild Card ability that allows a person to hold multiple Personas. They have their unique powers along with influencing their users' physical and mental faculties like superhuman physique and resistance from negative trauma.
  • Crests, from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, are marks that are believed to be bestowed by the goddess, Sothis. These marks are passed down through bloodlines, are believed to relate to blood inherited, and can be inherited by people within a royal or noble family. They are seen as a sign of nobility and comes with prestige and respect. There two types of Crests, Minor Crests, and Major Crests. Minor Crests carries weaker yet somewhat potent power compared to Major Crest. Despite the lack of potency, they are a sign of being an heir in a family, along with prestige. Major Crests contain immense powers and are seen as a sign of an heir in a family compared to those with a Minor Crest. A Crest can give a person a high aptitude with magic, superhuman strength, and other advantages.
  • Evilities, from the Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice series, where a character can have two which are split into a Native Evility and a Secondary Evility. Unique Evilities are used by Main Characters, Humanoids, or Monsters. There are also Generic Evilities that can be accessed by any character.
    • Overloads, introduced in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, are exclusive powers held by Overlords or an Overload-class of power. These skills can be used to change the tide of battle when activated.
  • Keshin, from Inazuma Eleven GO, is the ability to bring out a user's spirit to use a hissatsu, fight another Keshin, or to use the technique, Keshin Armed. Keshin Armed, introduced in Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone, is when a user equips their Keshin as armor in order to increase their strength and speed along with their hisstasu techniques.
    • Mixi Max, introduced in Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone, is a technique to fuse a person's aura to another person. When Mixi Max is used, a person's appearance changes while also gaining their physical attributes like power and speed along with a new hissatsu.
    • Soul or Beast Powers introduced in Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy is an ability that allows a user to transform into an animal. The transformation is temporary as they gain another hissatsu and the ability to use a Soul Strike. Soul Stikes are techniques to a specific Soul and are stronger than an average hissatsu.
  • Manifestations, from Under Night In-Birth, are a power that allows In-Births to give EXS a unique shape or an EXS Ability. They can come in the form of a weapon, superhuman speed, growing their muscles and body, manipulate blood, and shaping energy. The use of these abilities can also give superhuman physical abilities.
  • Runes, from Suikoden, are used to summon magical spells. They come into four types: Common Runes, Unique Runes, True Runes, and a fourth class that doesn't fit in the others. Common Runes are those that can be found in stores, monsters, or even schools for martial training. They are derived from True Rune and are man-made. Common Runes are sealed in an orb until a Rune Master attaches one to a person. They come into there types of Melee, Magic, and Support. Unique Runes are one directly created from the True Runes. They possess a will of their own but can be suppressed by a powerful Rune Master. They each have powers that could rival a True Rune, but they can't give agelessness like them. True Runes are extremely powerful and possess their own will, much like Unique Runes. They each have powers over the world and can give a person immortality. Each True Rune represents an aspect of existence like the basic elements or concepts like beginning or destiny. The two runes that don't fall into the other three types are the Bright Shield Rune and Black Sword Rune. They are actually the two halves of the True Rune of Beginning, and each doesn't give the advantages of a True Rune. The two Runes actually eke life force from their bearer and aren't referred to as True Runes in the game.
  • The Catharsis Effect, from The Caligula Effect, is a phenomenon caused by a person's strong emotions caused by an intense catalyst which can be tuned by Aria and their resolve to face pain. A person gains supernatural abilities and can maintain their sanity. They also manifest a weapon and other accessories.
  • Septima, from the Azure Striker Gunvolt series, is a kind of ESP that humans known as Adepts can use. They are much like normal humans physically and mentally but wields different superpowers. Some Adepts have common Septima, but others may have more varied powers. Septima can also be affected by different technology made to interact with Adepts. Glaives act as a container for an Adept's Septima and they can't use their power unless their respective owner fuses with it. Contrasting Glaives, Falcon Quills are used to create the phenomenon of Weaponization by changing the Adepts body structure while also enhancing their Septima to its fullest potential.

Visual Novels

  • Noble Phantasms, from the Fate series, can come in the form of powers based on the legend related to the Servant along with their summoned class. The form of these powers can come in different manifestations as one hero could call upon a pocket dimension under their control. Another would allow them to complete control of an object as long as it can be recognized as a weapon.

Web Animation

  • Aura, from RWBY, is the manifestation of one's soul that allows for a range of different abilities. The use of Aura differs from each individual due to factors like experience and skill. People usually apply Aura for defense but also for offense, such as using a weapon as a conduit for it. They can also have other applications like healing or extrasensory. It is also required to trigger Dust found in weapons. One primary form of Aura is called Semblance, which is a unique utilization of Aura.
    • Semblances are a manifestation of a person's innate and personal power, which can be unique, but some are similar to one another. For example, Harriet of the Ace Ops in V7 makes it clear she's met other people besides Ruby with a Super Speed Semblance like her own, and that there's something different about Ruby's speed. The abilities are a projection of one's Aura and fueled by it. The nature of a Semblance connects to a facet of their personality. Another factor that determines Semblances is hereditary where family members would show similar powers. Dust can modify a Semblance with the resource's element. A person can have one Semblance, but most have versatile applications. In combination with what Aura can do, a person can have a combination of powers.
  • Epithets from Epithet Erased are powers that people called Inscribed have attached to their souls. An Epithet comes from a single word attached to a person's soul, such as 'Fire ', 'Coupon','Dumb', or 'Soup'.

Web Comics

  • Natural Abilities and Acquired Abilities, from The Gamer webtoon, are two types of powers. Natural Abilities that Gaia grants based on the person's most traumatizing aspect of their life. The main protagonist has the titular ability due to his obsession with video games. Acquired Abilities are those of magic and martial arts that use ki manipulation developed from prior knowledge where one can train themselves through practice and study. Natural Abilities are exclusive to those that Gaia has granted while anyone can learn Acquired Abilities, even Natural Ability users.
  • Charyeok (or Borrowed Powers from the official translation), from God of Highschool, are superpowers from supernatural entities who made a contract with a person. The paranormal entities come in the form of monsters, gods, or people who have gained fame or infamy when alive. A person that uses a Charyeok can create a unique power through their imagination and empathy. Charyeoks come into six classes, which are Weapon Summoning and Reinforcement, Summoning, Parasitic, Direct Contract, Key, and The Original Way of Charyeok.
  • Ballyhoos, from Scoob and Shag, are channeled powers made from love and admiration for a fictional character that comes into the form of a unique ability for individuals of an alien race. There are named after broadcasting and animation terms while also comes into two types, Physical and Energy. Physical Ballyhoos are ones that can interact with the world physically. Energy Ballyhoos involves more metaphysical or semantic abilities to manifest.
  • Cultivation, from Tales of Demons and Gods, is a technique for people to enhance their abilities by training and gathering Soul Force. This method is called a cultivation technique and would come in the form of martial arts and meditation. The body can be empowered even with a small amount of Cultivation. There are three different ways of using Cultivation. One way is by training with martial arts, physical exercises, and enhancing natural abilities with Soul Force, which are used by people who wish to become fighters. One can merge with demon spirits to gain power beyond normal humans, which are called demon spiritualists. The third method involves cultivating Soul Force to the point of purity called Law Energy, which is the purest form of Soul Force. A Law is a part of the structure of the world and takes decades to have one accept a person who can become pure.
  • Ripples, from Awaken, are the movement of Flux, which is the flow of consciousness penetrates from living organisms. Ripples are manifestations of Flux through a person's Field of Awareness. An F.o.A is an extension of a living person based on their personality. Ripples classify into four types, which are A-Type (Absorb), T-Type (Transform), R-Type (Release), and C-type (Control). The four types can combine into different subtypes, which can manifest in a combined form of a Ripple.
  • Personal Attributes, from Hardcore Leveling Warrior, are skills gain randomly during the creation of a character in Lucid Adventure. An example would be being able to increase a stat, learning a particular skill, transformation into a monster or legendary figure, and transcending the laws of the game. They come into five types of Personal Attributes are Skill/Stat, Monster Attribute, Class, Person, and Transcendental Skill.
  • Transcendental Skills, from Kubera, are abilities that can be used by gods, sura, and halfs(human-sura hybrids). There are two types of Transcendental Skills, which are General and Unique. Both gods and suras can use General types. It differs from human magic due to how it derives its power from the user rather than another being. These skills have more power compared to magic, and it's usually impossible to learn for humans and quarters (humans with a quarter of sura blood). The abilities for individuals made by their attributes depending on their race, which are Birthday, Clan, and Hereditary.
  • In Paranatural, the Spectrals share the property of constantly seeing and touching the spirit world around them, and even with training have minimal uses for their raw power. The spirits, however, have wildly varied abilities — and those that become object-bound Familiars or possessing entities bestow their unique powers on their masters.
  • Passive Skills, from Zero Game, are abilities that players in the titular game gain once they participate in it. Each skill is unique to each player and has a cool-down period. Each player has one Passive Skill but also can have an Ability.
    • Abilities are powers bought from the Ability Shop. Each player can have one ability at a time. Abilities' mastery can rank from A-SSS along with H for hidden Abilities. Even though they have one Ability, the combination of a Passive Skill gives a player a combination of powers.
  • Shinsu Quality, from Tower of God, is Shinsu that carries unique qualities that can be controlled by few people. Once a person finds a Shinsu Quality that suits them, the user can manifest into a power. They can come in the form of elements or non-elemental characteristics. A person can have more than one Shinsu Quality.

Western Animation

  • Bending, from Avatar: The Last Airbender, is the power and art of manipulating one of four elements of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire that certain people called Benders can use. The Avatar is only one who can bend all four elements while having other abilities.
  • Disney Fairies have Talents, which are either skills or elemental powers to particular fairy. Each Talent a fairy could have a superpower or ability that use names like Water-Talent, Tinker-Talent, and Fast-Flying-Talent. What a fairy can do with their Talent can vary. An example would be Fast-Flying-Talent, where a fairy can fly faster than most fairies while even capable of manipulating the air which means a fairy can have more than one power from a Talent.
  • Belly Badges, from the Care Bears series, are images on a Care Bears' and Care Bear Cousins' stomachs that show their personality along with their unique powers.

  1. Manfra are French comic books inspired by and styled after Manga.