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Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

The main text claims the trope is about a power or talent to employ chaos. But most of the examples are of creatures and beings that embody chaos; there are few examples of an ability and what one can do with it.

Either the main text needs a drastic rewrite, or the examples need a drastic pruning, before this would be even close to launchable.

Pinging the Usual Suspects: @Agiletek @GentlemensDame883 @Goo Monster @HeneryVII @HornyLikeIAmA14YearOldGirl @Lequinni‎ @RivetVermin @Umbire the Phantom @Utini501 @Labster @Looney Toons @GethN7 @Robkelk @QuestionableSanity @Derivative @SelfCloak

Kuma (talkcontribs)

Okay, I will try my best to explain what the trope is trying to show. The main point of the trope is that it's about a superpower manipulating chaos. The simple yet most potent example that I can think of would be reality-warping, where they can just change it with a thought. Other examples depend on the character, which can lead to different examples but are related to chaos one way or another:

  • Nrvnqsr Chaos from the Visual Novel Tsukihime is a vampire whose body is made of chaos. He can manipulate it to create creatures made of it while also controlling their very being. Since he is made of chaos, he is harder to kill than normal vampires, where physical attacks and magic are ineffective.
  • The Trickster from the Sarah Jane Chronicles is an extra-dimensional entity that changes history to cause chaos and gain power from it. Once there is enough chaos, he can fully manifest into the world.
  • Martin Mystery's Chaos Beast is a manifestation of chaos that brings inanimate objects to life, turns humans into animals, manipulates the weather, and can shapeshift its form.

The reason cosmic entities are included and the like would be how they would have such power by default. If they are already so powerful or represent chaos, they would control it with ease. I am willing to hear your response when you can, and thank you for reading my post.

GentlemensDame883 (talkcontribs)

Entropy and Chaos Magic is mentioned in the description; I'm wondering if we couldn't just expand that page to include all "chaos" paranormal abilities in general instead of just being limited to "magic" in specific instead.

Kuma (talkcontribs)

Yes, that is there to make a comparison where it's like Entropy and Chaos Magic but its a superpower. I welcome any powers related to chaos as long as it's not magic.

Jlaw (talkcontribs)

@Looney Toons @Robkelk I made some changes to the definition. Unsure if this is better? If not, I suggest we change the name to Chaos Being.

Jlaw (talkcontribs)
GentlemensDame883 (talkcontribs)

Might need some work to go with the new name and definition? But otherwise I'm fine with that.

Kuma (talkcontribs)

I thank you for the changes @Jlaw, but the workshop is about superpowers of chaos rather than beings of chaos. I thought this mentioned this before, but certain cosmic beings would have this power by default. There are also examples where some aren't beings of chaos but have related powers. This does give me an idea; we could merge Chaos Control's description and examples with Chaos and Entropy Magic while having the title be a possible alternative for the page. It could have examples for both chaos superpowers and chaos magic. This workshop page could be changed to cosmic beings of chaos after the merge if this is a good suggestion?

What the trope is about

Kuma (talkcontribs)

The main focus of the trope is about powers related to chaos. There are cosmic entities that are connected to chaos that would have such power by default. If there is a problem with this, I would like to hear what it is?

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