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    /wiki/Troper Taleswork

    Troper Tales was a feature that exploded, then imploded, and finally lurked around the edges of TV Tropes for some years. While it had many amusing, interesting and entertaining personal stories in its pages, it unfortunately also began to accumulate a not-insubstantial amount of purely creepy and downright disturbing material. For this reason, like TV Tropes itself, the staff of All The Tropes have chosen to not implement a Troper Tales namespace on our wiki. This page remains as both an informational banner, and to avoid the need to hunt down and rewrite about a hundred pages that would otherwise have redlinks and meaningless text.

    Unfortunately, the external wiki meant to archive the stories (not affiliated with TV Tropes or All The Tropes) went offline on June 2014.

    — The Mgmt.