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    So, you're spending many (way too many) hours reading All The Tropes. You remember exactly every Tropes of Legend and know by heart the whole Canonical List of Subtle Trope Distinctions. But still, even if it might ruin your life, All The Tropes might also make it better in many areas. Besides, who needs a social life?
    Those are:

    • Vocabulary! You never know what bizarre word a Troper will use (especially if you're not native English) and you need to understand it! Then, woah, you remember and start using it. Congratulations, your Vocabulary just got a +1 bonus!
    • Grammar! Even if you literally know nothing about it, there's always a Grammar Nazi around to correct you, making you acknowledge the error and learn by fun, 'cause All The Tropes is fun.
    • Series]! So, you read a Trope or something, and there it is - a TV show, or maybe a comic, that sounds good. You'd never know about its existence without All The Tropes.
      • How this troper found El Goonish Shive and Blank It. Possibly Order of the Stick too, but my memory's hazy on that.
        • And just a couple minutes ago, Holy Bibble, from an example on Sophisticated As Hell. Only 12 strips in and I'm in love with it. I also just discovered Gunnerkrigg Court from the Technobabble page image, too, although I'm not sure yet if I'm in love with it.
      • Same goes for memes. This troper gleefully broke down into fits of laughter when he discovered Narm.
      • This troper has read several series just based on the fact that if you notice a series on multiple pages, or it's page has a large number of tropes listed, it's been well-read, and usually worth checking out.
      • This troper tends to start at All The Tropes when looking for a new webcomic/TV series to read/watch. Notable finds include Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Goblins,
    • School!
      • All The Tropes is helpful for literature classes because you start thinking about literary works in the context of analysis, which is the entire point of most literature classes. (Well, that and the whole Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory thing.) You just need to remember not to tell your college professor that the Ariadne myth hung a lampshade on the whole philandering-gods thing...
      • It even helps with Sociology! Show your professor a page like Eagleland Osmosis, and they make note of your research.
      • All The Tropes is also great for history if you have a teacher who likes film and books - for example, the History of Manga.
      • Try being a communications major and having notebooks FILLED with All The Tropes references
      • Reality Is Unrealistic will show you how much more interesting your world can be.
    • Critical thinking! First, because carefully analyzing a work and breaking it down into its component tropes teaches you to carefully watch TV with a judging mind instead of just passively accepting the show. Second, because there's a reason you've became so acquainted with negative tropes, such as Author Tract or Wall Banger, as well as potentially negative tropes like Faux Symbolism: because they give you a solid base to justify why a show is bad!
    • Writing! All The Tropes can tell you all about a possibly negative Trope in your work that you didn't even know existed. Now there are all sorts of stories which have been improved thanks to this wonderful website!
      • But don't forget that Tropes Are Not Bad! You can discover fresh tropes that would never have occurred to you and use them in your writing. Or you can take old Discredited Tropes and subvert or deconstruct them in exciting new ways.
      • Homeschoolers? Learn this site. Love it. There's nothing better than free information when you're homeschooling.
      • Some learning disabilities (dyscalculia is the one this Troper has) work REALLY well with this site. You'll wonder how you tried to write without it.
    • Humour! If comedy is your style, the site's informal yet witty manner can help you become a generally smarter, funnier and more approachable person. What's more, entries about Acceptable Targets (along with the page Dude, Not Funny) can help you avoid cracking jokes likely to offend people.
    • Friends! Out with someone and they suddenly make a reference to Parental Bonus or Your Mileage May Vary ? Instant BFF!
    • Bored of your favorite shows, movies or book series? This troper was able to enjoy his favorite things once more because all the Wild Mass Guessing combined with finding new content and the overall descriptions the tropes provide. Not only you can find new content to try out, but you have a new way of seeing your old shows and books as if you are reading them for the first time.

    See also Tropes Will Ruin Your Life, All the Tropes Ruined Your Life, All The Tropes as a Gateway Drug and All the Tropes Will Ruin Your Vocabulary, though. If All The Tropes already has enhanced your life, let us know!