Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle/Memes

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  1. Explanation The Tsubasa equivalent of "just as planned", it came into being after Kurogane cut Fei Wong Reed in half, only to find out that he had actually killed Kyle disguised as Fei Wong Reed, leaving the heroes injured and tired while he is perfectly fine. Applied to just about every twist Tsubasa has taken since Acid Tokyo.
  2. Explanation In one flashback arc, we see an adorable little girl with freckles who was once kind to Fai (she looks about ten). In a completely different arc, in a different world and time period, we meet a little boy who cheerfully offers the heros some apples, and later lets them stay at his house. The fans dubbed them Freckle-chan and Apple-kun, respectively, and decided they make a cute couple. Even though there's no possible way for them to meet in canon.